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Dissertation Information for Jaklin Kornfilt

- Jaklin Kornfilt
- (Alias) Jaklyn Kornfilt

- Ph.D.

- Linguistics

- Harvard University (USA) (1985)

- None

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Abstract: "This thesis investigates the relationships in Turkish between the three notions of the title.

It is claimed in the thesis that Case is assigned to the subject of Ss as well as NPs by the AGR element of either domain in the same way, namely under government. This claim, more controversial for NPs than Ss, is defended in Chapter 2 with respect to possessive NPs, and in Chapter 3 with respect to Ss. In Chapter 4, same Case relationship is extended to hold between an AGR element that has moved into VP as a result of a PF-rule R and certain subjects in direct object position of verbs that have no Case features.

While AGR can be impoverished or even phonologically null and still assign Case, it has to be fully realized in both the features person and number so as to perform two other tasks: Create a Binding Domain within which the subject obeys Binding Theory, and uniquely identify a pro element that it is co-superscripted with.

These assumptions, together with the view that, in Turkish, pro and reflexives are the representative pronominal and anaphor respectively (rather than overt pronouns and the reciprocals) is shown to yield the complementarity in distribution between pronominals and anaphors predicted by the Binding Conditions A and B. The observed obligatory correlation between pro and full AGR(eement) on the one hand and PRO and complete lack of AGR on the other is motivated and shown to fit the overall picture.

Finally, it is proposed that complement clauses should be characterized as having a +operator versus a -operator COMP (rather than (+OR-)WH COMPs, as is sometimes assumed). In addition to being mirrored, to a large extent, by a difference in the morphology of such clauses, this proposed distinction is shown to explain certain facts pertaining to Syntax and to Logical Form, hence to make transparent the interactions between the components of the grammatical model assumed in the various versions of EST. Moreover, certain typological differences between Turkish and English are correctly predicted."

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- Christopher Soo-Guan Khoo - Syracuse University (1995)
- Michael Lawrence McHale - Syracuse University (1995)
- Victoria L. Rubin - Syracuse University (2006)