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Dissertation Information for Dan Albertson

- Dan Albertson
- (Alias) Dan Edward Albertson II

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (2007)

- Kiduk Yang

- Javed Mostafa
- Catharine Marie Wyss
- Youn-Kyung Lim

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: A domain-centric approach to designing user interfaces of video retrieval systems

Abstract: User- and task-centric efforts in video information retrieval (IR) research are needed because current experiments are showing few significant results. It is our belief that unsatisfactory results in video IR can be partially attributed to the overemphasis on technologically-driven approaches to interface development and system evaluation. This study explored variables that have been consistently overlooked in video retrieval efforts, including those related to domain and search tasks. The underlying goal of this study is to promote alternative means for evaluating video retrieval systems, and to make progress toward developing new design principles and a video seeking model. A series of interactive search runs were conducted using a video retrieval system called ViewFinder. ViewFinder was implemented to search and browse the NASA K - 16 Science Education Programs. The system includes new design features that take into account the unique characteristics of the domain and associated tasks. Users with a background in Science Education, including teachers and academic majors, were recruited to perform a number of search tasks. Results from the search experiments were collected and analyzed using both objective and subjective measures. From these results, researchers gained further knowledge about domain-centric video search tasks, including how textual, visual, and hybrid tasks were all deemed important by science educators. Further analysis of experimental results also revealed associations between search tasks, user interaction, interface features and functions, and system effectiveness. The evaluation of individual interface features and functions exhibited that keyword searching was significant for retrieving Science Education video. However, these experiments also produced positive results for various visual search features. Unlike keyword searching, which was consistent and effective across many task types, the use and effectiveness of visual search and browse features were shown to be task dependent. Overall, the results from this study highlight the importance of user- and task-centric methods in video retrieval, as they provided researchers with additional understanding of the influences of domain-specific search tasks on user interaction with video systems. In addition, the experimental methodology employed for this study encourages future foundations for developing and evaluating video search interfaces designed for specific domains and search tasks.

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