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Dissertation Information for George E. Sereiko

- George E. Sereiko
- (Alias) George Eugene Sereiko

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1973)

- Jesse H. Shera

- Conrad H. Rawski
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Title: Chicago and its book trade, 1871-1893

Abstract: Prior to 1871, Chicago was acknowledged as an important center for the marketing of books and an insignificant one for the publishing of same. In October of 1871, however, the entire trade was destroyed during the Great Fire, and everything had to be rebuilt. This dissertation examines the growth and development of the book industry in Chicago during the years of notable accomplishment -- 1871-1893. These years saw Chicago's bookmen make their city the country's second largest trade book publisher, probably its greatest bookseller, and unquestionably its most important subscription book publisher. Bookselling achieved national significance first for it came in the 1870's, and publishing attained its importance in the 1880's.

This study is in two parts. The first section describes the conditions that prevailed in the book trade in the United States in the latter half of the nineteenth century for this was the milieu within which Chicago's book industry had to grow. It was a period of instability because of the establishment of many new publishing houses, the introduction of new technology and new marketing techniques, and especially because of the reprinting of non-copyrighted books, and the uncontrolled discounting of book prices.

The second pat examines selected aspects of Chicago's book associated activities. The city's literary life is portrayed, in part, through descriptions of some of the works of a few of Chicago's more notable writers-- Isaac Arnold, Francis Browne, Mary Hartwell Catherwood, and Joseph Kirkland. Its accomplishments in trade and subscription book publishing and in bookselling are revealed also, in part, through the activities of certain leading bookmen-- Samuel C. Griggs, Alexander C. McClurg, Alexander Belford, S.A. Maxwell, Moses Warren, and Alfred T. Andreas.

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