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Dissertation Information for John Sykes Hartin

- John Sykes Hartin

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA) (1956)

- Raymond L. Kilgour

- Rudolph H. Gjelsness
- Joe Lee Davis
- Mary P. Parsons

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In 1557 the Gentleman of Elvas recorded in his Relagam Verdadeira
the event which became the prototype of the John Smith-Pocahontas
legend. During the eighteenth century several works on prose fiction,
appeared which had locales in that part of the United States known
commonly as the Southeast. Since 1922 not a year has passed without
the appearance of at least one novel laid in the Southeast, and in
1950, 112 novels have been counted· with southeastern settings. It
is because of this long tradition of setting that this study was
The states included as comprising the Southeast are those which
are so classified in Howard W. Odum's Southern Regions the United
States, namely Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana,
Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.
Also included as locales are the lower Mississippi River and the Ohio
River when the contiguous land belongs to one of the states included.
A novel, for the purposes of this compilation, is a separately
published work of prose fiction of approximately one hundred pages,
usually with a single main plot and one or more sub-plots. A series
of episodes or stories with some consistent and logical connection
is regardid as a single work; and novels of character with little
emphasis on plot development are included, as well as cheap fiction
and juvenile works. The only type of novel which has been omitted
is the "dime novel."
Information about the novels included in this bibliography has
been arranged in a consistent form, except where information is
Reproduced with permission of the copyright owner. Further reproduction prohibited without permission.
-lacking for specific titles. This form is:
Author's name in full, with dates when obtainable.
'TITLE OF THE WORK, followed by information of place,
publisher, and date of pUblication; pagination,
series notes.
LOCALE OF ACTION. Notes summarizing or annotating the plot,
theme, or some other feature of the novel; its time of
action when necessary; miscellaneous commentS.
Bibliographical notes, if aQY: place of the novel in a
trilogy or longer series; sequels or antecedents; republication
or change of title; and other items.
Items of information were gathered from local and regional author
lists, histories of literature and 9f the novel, book reviews published
. in periodicals and journals or in standard book reviewing publications,
from collections of fiction centered around the birth of the authors,
encyclopedias, special fiction lists, and various book-trade publications.
All items were checked in appropriate bibliographic tools and
by direct examination when copies of the novels could. be found for
The arrangement of the bibliography is alphabetical by author.
An index by the eleven states and by the Ohio and the Mississippi
Rivers is included, keyed to the numbers given to the novels in the
main body of the work. Novels which have indefinite locales are
not included in the index.
Because the bibliography is a descriptive one, no critical conclusions
have been attempted. It is apparent, however, that authors
from all parts of the United states and from some foreign countries
have found qualities in the Southewst and its people! which are useful
for the purposes of fiction, and this bibliography is a tool through
which closer examination mqy be given to the novels which have
employed the Southeast as a background.

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