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Dissertation Information for Muzhgan Nazarova

- Muzhgan Nazarova

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (USA) (2008)

- Linda C. Smith

- Leigh Stewart Estabrook
- Ann Bishop
- Chip Bruce

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Service learning and career development: A case study in Library and Information Science

Abstract: The study presented in this dissertation investigates different impacts of the service-learning experience in relation to careers and career development in a graduate professional field.

This retrospective case study focuses on LIS 315/451 Introduction to Networked Information Systems (INIS)--a graduate-level course with a significant service-learning component. The participants of the study include 211 respondents out of 230 eligible students who were enrolled in the course between Fall 2000 and Spring 2006. They participated in a Web survey consisting of 20 questions (11 close-ended and 9 open-ended).

While looking into the major student outcomes of the course including: increasing technological skills, changing the way the respondents think about LIS professions, enhancing the ability to work with community organizations and members, and enhancing skills in leadership, communication and teamwork, a major goal of this research is to investigate how all these factors along with the other impacts of service learning including personal, social and learning outcomes relate to the subsequent careers of the students.

Based on the results of the study the following skills, abilities and attitudes represent a complex of a variety of skills which contribute to career development: technological skills - 94.32% (199), teamwork - 79.15% (167), communication - 72.03% (152), working with community organizations and members - 61.6% (130), leadership skills - 52.1% (110) and thinking about the LIS Profession - 61.14% (129). The study also suggests that critical thinking and problem solving skills have had a great impact on the careers of many students.

One of the accomplishments of the study is refining the model of service-learning impacts. Various models of service learning, including the model presented by Eyler at al. (2001), define career impact as a separate category. The results here show that career impact cannot be isolated from personal outcomes of service learning, such as personal efficacy, ability to work well with others, leadership and communication skills, or from social impacts such as commitment to service, or learning outcomes, such as ability to apply what has been learned in the real world, problem solving and critical thinking. These outcomes are all integral to career development.

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