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Dissertation Information for Stephanie Craft

- Stephanie Craft

- Ph.D.

- Communication

- Stanford University (USA) (2000)

- Steven H. Chaffee

- Francois Bar
- Laurie Mason

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Title: The impact of diverse broadcast station ownership on programming

Abstract: In the thirty years since the Kerner Commission faulted the media for inadequate coverage of minority communities and concerns, the Federal Communications Commission has undertaken a number of initiatives to increase minority participation in broadcasting. Increasing the number of minority broadcast station owners has been considered one way to foster programming diversity. Policies to increase ownership through preferences accorded to minorities in the licensing process, however, have been challenged in the courts in part because of a lack of evidence that ownership diversity and programming diversity are linked.

This study investigates whether a link exists between ownership and news and public affairs programming diversity. To answer the question, data on programming and practices were gathered for a sample of minority- and non-minority-owned radio and television stations operating in the same markets (N = 211). Respondents were people with authority over the stations' news and public affairs programming; 30 were station owners.

Minority- and non-minority-owned stations reported significantly different programming and practices in three areas: News and public affairs programming targeted to minority audiences, involvement of owners in decision-making regarding news and public affairs programming, and reliance on audience-initiated contact to assess audience demand. Of eight hypotheses, six were supported.

The results provide support for FCC policies designed to increase minority broadcast ownership on the premise that diverse ownership is positively related to diverse programming behavior. The need for further research to analyze content and market demographics is discussed.

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