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Dissertation Information for William M. Wisser

- William M. Wisser

- Ph.D.

- History

- University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (USA) (2006)

- John C. Chaasten

- Roger W. Lotchin
- Louis A. Perez Jr.
- Lars Schoultz
- Kathyrn J. Burns

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Rhetoric and riot in Rio de Janeiro, 1827--1831

Abstract: This dissertation examines the effect of the new and powerful newspaper corps on the rapidly deteriorating political environment in Rio de Janeiro in the waning years of the First Empire (1822-1831). The dissertation traces the lives of the major newspaper editors and attempts to show the impact their periodicals had on the political turmoil that characterized the last years of Emperor Pedro I's rule. Through an analysis of every extant newspaper originally published in Rio de Janeiro from 1827-1831, this dissertation concludes that editors had a significant role in events by providing a new and powerful forum for political debates outside of the strict confines of the state. The findings of this dissertation challenge the impression that the presence of a European monarch ensured Brazil's stability and cohesion, especially in the pivotal First Empire. The newspapers in Rio de Janeiro played a defining role in the direction of the state and encouraged an aware populace to defend the hitherto undefined nation.

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