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Dissertation Information for Yoo Jin Ha

- Yoo Jin Ha

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Rutgers University (USA) (2008)

- Daniel O'Connor

- Carol Kuhlthau
- Tefko Saracevic
- Lynn S. Connaway

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Accessing and using multilanguage information by users searching in different information retrieval systems

Abstract: There is an underlying assumption in the exchange of scholarly information that knowledge will be transferred across country borders, cultures, and languages. It is this sharing of scholarly information is considered an essential pre-requisite necessary for the advancement of knowledge. Nonetheless, in the current English dominant environment of information retrieval (IR) systems, there are numerous obstacles confronting users who seek to access and use non-English information.

The purposes of this study are: to explore the information behaviors of those seeking non-English information; to identify difficulties of individuals' experiences when accessing and using non-English information in current IR systems; to develop an explanatory model determining how person characteristics, experiential knowledge, and situation factors influence search behaviors and evaluations of bibliographic information.

Two separate studies are conducted to explore the above issues: an online questionnaire of users of multilanguage information retrieval systems; and an experiment with individuals accessing information on different topics using different languages and systems. The participants in these studies include academic researchers and library personnel and are individuals who regularly interact with Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English records via IR systems.

The survey and experiment participants note the lack of non-English access via indexing terms, the lack of non-English records in major online databases which index journals, the lack of English translation of abstracts, and the lack of coherent and understandable access to non-Roman language materials. The users of non-English information expect to have a system with cross language information retrieval functions providing clear access to full text non-English information. Importantly, having understandable bibliographic records are essential when individuals make decisions on their expected use of non-English documents.

The experiment data analyses reveal there are different IR system search behaviors by subjects' with different language backgrounds, professions, language knowledge, topic knowledge and its target language, especially comparing English with non-English searches. An explanatory model for non-English searching model was built based on various statistical analyses of experiment data. The model depicts the importance of statistically significant relationships among person characteristics and experiential knowledge which explain search behaviors and intention to use retrieved information when individuals seek non-English/non-Roman alphabet information.

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