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Dissertation Information for Ernest Hakanen

- Ernest Hakanen

- Ph.D.

- Mass Communications

- Temple University (USA) (1989)

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Title: Adolescent identification of heroes: A study of media exposure and perceptions of public figures

Abstract: Adolescents' (n = 1547) identification of non-traditional hero types, tolerance for corruption among public figures, and estimation of corruption among public figures were examined for their relationships with maturation (grade level), mass media preference, and informational television use. It was found that as maturation increases, adolescents identify non-traditional heroes more positively; as preference for informational television increases, tolerance for corruption among public figures decreases; and those who prefer electronic media are more likely to rate non-traditional heroes higher and have a greater tolerance for corruption among public figures than those who prefer print media. The findings support the possible influence of the electronic media on adolescents' perceptions of public figures.

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- Shantanu D. Pai - Drexel University (2009)