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Dissertation Information for Solomon O. Oyesola

- Solomon O. Oyesola
- (Alias) Solomon Olutunji Oyesola

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Case Western Reserve University (USA) (1976)

- Tefko Saracevic

- Conrad H. Rawski
- Robert Kennedy
- Thomas Gleason Morris

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Health Sciences Library and Information Training Programmes: Needs of Developing Countries

Abstract: The objective of this dissertation is to design a model for the training of health sciences library and information personnel for developing countries.

In order to develop this model and define the needs and demands, of the developing countries, a field study was undertaken in Nigeria, Brazzaville (Congo) and in London (England).

The four salient elements consistently identified for detailed study were the Environments consisting of the political, social, cultural characteristics, Education mainly the higher and the professional types for the health care personnel; the Health Service System in context of its international and national issues for the physical and social well being of an individual, e.g. W.H.O. services; and lastly, the Health Information Problem in patient care, education and research. All of these elements were analyzed within the context of developing countries generally and the Nigerian situations in particular. These elements were identified as essential factors for a pragmatic approach to the problem.

Nigeria's national health services, with the corresponding political or legislative policy and fiscal provisions in the Third Development Plan Period (1975-80) were fully analyzed. The National Basic Health Service scheme for Nigeria gives needed indication for training and education of all categories of health care staff and the distribution of health care institutions to where they are needed most. Education and training of the health professions was designed within the national health planning process. This endures that the type of health personnel to be trained and the curriculum contents were based on the role that each category of health personnel plays in the performance of specified tasks. All of these contribute to the accomplishment of the predetermined health goals for the nation.

Consequently the suggested programmes identified three different categories of staff for the health sciences library and information services in the developing countries. The tasks had been specified for the curriculum or course contents and reasons were given in each situation. For it cannot be overemphasized that Library Professional education and training in developing countries must focus attention and Endeavour to appreciate or recognize the problems and needs to prepare librarians for high level professional and administrative positions; the need to educate and train other library staff at levels below that of the professional librarian; the need for clear understanding by non-librarians and persons in authority of the role and value of libraries and information services; and the need for constant evaluation and research on unique problems of libraries, library services, education and training programmes particularly for the health sciences personnel in developing countries.

This study articulated adaptation of education and training programmes to local needs. Conclusively, it emphasized the need for a continuous and concerted research, both on national and international levels, into the problems of education and training for all categories of the health literature staff in the developing countries.

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