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Dissertation Information for Jae Hwang Choi

- Jae Hwang Choi

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Florida State University (USA) (1997)

- Jane B. Robbins

- Irwin Jahns
- Gene T. Sherron
- F. William Summers
- Kathy Burnett

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Education for information science in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and the United States: A comparative study

Abstract: The purposes of this study were (1) to study the developmental process of information science education in the Republic of Korea (ROK) and the United States (U.S.), (2) to identify the structure and content of information science education explained by information science curricula from the two countries, and (3) to offer a simultaneous comparison, focusing on the variables of development in information science education in the ROK and the U.S. A comparative study offered opportunities for identifying similarities and differences.

Developments. Borrowing ideas and techniques from the U.S. in the late 1950s and early 1960s substantially changed the ROK's information science education. When the ROK initially became interested in developing an information science education programs, curricula coordinators looked to the U.S. Information science courses have been taught in library and information science (LIS) departments since the early 1960s. On the other hand, in the U.S., information science education was developed in relation to society's needs. Interactions with the environment have always been predominant. In the U.S., information science was introduced into the curricula in the late 1940s.

Information science curricula. The structure and content of information science education in 1986 in the ROK had not changed much in 1995. In general, the conditions of information science education in 1995 were very similar to what they had been in 1986. In the U.S., however, there was a richness of diversity as individual programs strengthened and expanded. There was a wide variation of course preparation in information science depending on the schools offering the courses.

Variables. The analysis of the curricula of information science and social aspects forming a context for information science education presented some problems in the ROK. It was recognized that an improved curriculum and frequent curricula revisions are needed, but the lack of human and material resources to carry out changes kept the discussions at the theoretical level. This study noted that efforts must be directed toward the effective utilization of existing information technologies and the construction of curricula to take advantage of them.

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