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Dissertation Information for Marie Broussard Landry

- Marie Broussard Landry

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Florida State University (USA) (1999)

- Gene T. Sherron

- Lee P. Stepina
- F. William Summers
- Ronald D. Blazek

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Title: Perceptions of public library directors regarding job satisfaction of reference librarians

Abstract: The purposes of this investigation were to examine the degree to which public library directors correctly perceive how satisfied or dissatisfied reference librarians are with the various aspects of their jobs; and to examine the relationship between job satisfaction and two of its possible correlates, organizational commitment and life satisfaction. Results of the study indicate the directors did understand which facets of the job of reference librarian were satisfying and dissatisfying. A problem surfaced, however, in that the reference librarians did not seem to perceive that the directors understood. Possible explanations for this situation were discussed, as were potential solutions.

In this study, the reference librarians were asked to complete three established survey instruments: the Job Satisfaction Survey ( JSS ), the Organizational Commitment Questionnaire , and the Satisfaction with Life Scale . The librarians exhibited relatively high levels of job satisfaction; their mean satisfaction scores for all subscales and general satisfaction equaled or exceeded published norms. Consistent with research reported in organizational behavior literature, a strong, positive relationship was found between job satisfaction and organizational commitment, and a moderate, positive relationship, between job satisfaction and satisfaction with life. The reference librarians' mean organizational commitment and life satisfaction scores were found to be nearly the same as established norms.

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