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Dissertation Information for Eileen McElrath

- Eileen McElrath

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Florida State University (USA) (1999)

- F. William Summers

- Jane B. Robbins
- Joseph Beckham
- Ronald D. Blazek

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Title: Perceptions held by academic library directors and chief academic officers about challenges experienced by current academic library directors as an indication of cognitive dissonance

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the degree that perceptions of current challenges given by academic library directors coincide with the perceptions of the chief academic officers to whom they report. The study sought to determine if differences in perspectives were indications of the presence of cognitive dissonance. Another objective was to determine how age, gender and length of time in canon positions of the two groups relate to perceptions, of current challenges.

One hundred and eighteen academic library directors and chief academic officers from institutions located in the Southern Region of the American Association of Public Colleges and Universities returned the mail survey. Eighty-eight of the respondents were from forty-four institutions. Content analysis of professional journal articles and interviews with experts in the field identified eight challenges to serve as the basis for questions. The respondents provided job-related challenges that were more apparent to them, and ranked the survey-provided challenges and added ones to provide a representation of challenges from two rarely studied groups' perspectives.

The findings indicated dud the respondents' perceptions about user satisfaction were similar and that the challenge of serials was perceived to be the greatest challenge by both groups. The study found perceptions between the two groups about the challenges of diversity and hardware were related. As one group perceived the challenge for each of these challenges was more intense, so too did the other. In addition, as one group perceived the challenge for two challenges to be less, so too did the other. The intensity of challenge for organizational change and crime appeared to be influenced by the factors of age and length of time in current position. Intensity of challenge for training appeared to be influenced by length of tenure, in current position. The study's findings indicated that differences in perceptions about training and the budget were related. It was concluded that the presence of cognitive dissonance was not found using the study's criteria to establish its existence. The presence of a cognitive dissonance reduction technique was not established nor was a negative effect on organizational outcomes found.

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