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Dissertation Information for Courtenay Honeycutt

- Courtenay Honeycutt

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- Indiana University (USA) (2011)

- Susan C. Herring

- Howard Rosenbaum
- Noriko Hara
- Kevin Rottet
- Daniel Cunliffe

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Examining the diffusion of CMC technologies in minority languages: A case study of Welsh language blogging and twittering

Abstract: The Internet plays a complex role in minority language promotion. On one hand, Internet technologies can discourage the use of minority languages, due to the global spread of the Internet and the predominant use of English to communicate online. On the other hand, the Internet is heralded by some minority language proponents as a potential "savior" of minority languages, in part because it provides opportunities for low-cost entry to media production and user-generated content, with limited state control.

This dissertation reports a case study of one minority language group, the members of which are seen as forerunners in the use of Internet technologies for the benefit of their language: Welsh language speakers. Although scholars have speculated how Welsh language proponents make use of the Internet for language promotion purposes, the current situation regarding the use of Welsh online is not entirely clear, in part because there has been little empirical research assessing the actual use of the language online. While some research suggests the Internet has found an enthusiastic following among Welsh speakers, other research suggests that many Welsh speakers do not use the language online, either because they use English instead, or because they simply do not go online.

This dissertation employs the diffusion of innovations theory (Rogers, 2003) and post-hoc archival analysis to examine computer-mediated discourse in two CMC technologies that show evidence of adoption by Welsh speakers: blogs and Twitter. It traces the diffusion of these innovations and reasons for their adoption (or rejection) to begin to understand the current situation of Welsh language use on the Internet. The results indicate that blogs and Twitter do not appear to be widely used in Welsh, and language promotion does not appear to be an overt goal for most users. The study highlights the need for further empirical research to assess if ICTs such as the Internet are successfully aiding proponents in promoting and encouraging the use of Welsh and other similarly-situated minority languages.

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