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Dissertation Information for Jina Huh

- Jina Huh

- Ph.D.

- Library and Information Science

- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (USA) (2011)

- Mark S. Ackerman

- Barry Fishman
- Stephanie D. Teasley
- Mark Newman
- Kai Zheng

MPACT Status: Fully Complete

Title: Collaborative Help for Individualized Problems: Learning from the MythTV User Community and Diabetes Patient Support Groups

Abstract: As information technology increasingly becomes part of everyday life, new opportunities arise for aggregating people's experiences and knowledge. Collaborative help can utilize collective experience and knowledge to benefit everyday problem solving activities. However, current help systems often limit their focus to common and active problems (e.g., Frequently Asked Questions), making it difficult for users to find answers to the problems that are uncommon and individualized. In my dissertation, I address how individualized problems can be better supported through collaborative help. My dissertation contributes to existing conversations around collaborative help, especially challenges in information reuse and contextualization. I further expand discussions around the role of temporal information during expertise sharing for finding solutions to individualized problems.

In order to study this, I examined two research sites using an interpretivist approach (Strauss & Corbin, 1990): the MythTV user community and diabetes patient support groups. Because problems are often individualized for members of both communities, these sites serve as excellent places to examine the research problem.

I discuss three key findings that are critical for understanding how individualized problems are solved in community-based collaborative help systems. First, operationalizing experiences is critical for sharing executable solutions and context. Operationalized experiences are not only about the objectification and easy transfer of tacit knowledge (Ambrosini & Bowman, 2002), but generate knowledge that can be directly re-used.

Second, operationalization process inevitably fails to capture practices "simultaneously embedded in various processes" (Ackerman & Halverson, 2000) during maintenance activities, be it maintaining MythTV or diabetes. However, the breakdown of operationalization process helps each community member learn how to manage individualized situations as they occur.

Lastly, operationalization process needs to take place within the larger context of sharing trajectories. By comparing, aligning, and collaging pieces of individual trajectories, community members collectively expand their knowledge about managing MythTV or diabetes over time. Through continual sharing of maintenance trajectories, members reduce uncertainty about the future, take preventative actions, and reflect on the past to revise their practices.

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