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Orbiter Space Sim

From the mind and hands of Dr.Martin Schweiger comes a FREE program to simulate orbital mechanics and rocketry. With his latest version extreme customization is possible with the programming of DLLs to interface with the software.

From the Meadville Space Center, in the heart of northwestern Pennsylvania, comes a series of add-ons for Orbiter that takes you back to the early days of the space race. You can experience the thrills of yesterday to understand the challenge of the future.

German V2 Rocket 1.0
used during World War II and for upper atmospheric studies at White Stand during the late 40's.
Authored by Rob Conley, and Dealer McDope

Bumper-WAC Rocket 1.0
used for upper atmospheric studies at White Stand during the late 40's and early 50's. It was an example of an early staged rocket with a V2 first stage and a WAC Corporal for the upper stage.
Authored by Rob Conley, and Dealer McDope

Sputnik R7 8k71
Russia's (and Earth's) first satellite launched by Korolev and his team.
Authored by Rob Conley, Voyager, and Dealer McDope

Explorer Jupiter-C 1.1
United State's first satellite launched by Werner Von Braun and his team.
Authored by Dr.Martin Schweiger, Rob Conley, Brad Hodges, and Dealer McDope

Pioneer 3/4 Juno II 1.1
United State's first moon shot launched by Werner Von Braun using a uprated Jupiter-C called the Juno II.
Authored by Rob Conley, and Brad Hodges

Project Mercury 2.0
United State's first manned space program. Includes both Redstone rocket for sub-orbital flights and Atlas for orbital flights.
Authored by Rob Conley, Dealer McDope, Brian Sikkema, and Brad Hodges

Ranger 7, Atlas LV-3A, & Agena B
Ranger 7 was the first successful moon shot of the Ranger series.
Authored by Rob Conley, Tim Luton and Dealer McDope

Gemini Titan 2.0
The forgotten manned program of the United States. However without the expertise and skills developed during Gemini, Apollo would have never made it to the moon. This includes Gemini III, IV, and VIII and EVA capabilities. This version includes lifting capsule, re-entry flames, and more.
Authored by Rob Conley, Dealer McDope, and Brad Hodges

X20 Titan 3C 1.1
The X-20 Dynasoar was the first manned spacecraft to reach the hardware stage. Built by USAF as the successor to the X-15 it was scrapped in favor of Blue Gemini and the Manned Orbiting Laboratory. This has 1962 Earth with Vandenberg AFB and Texture
Authored by Rob Conley, and Dealer McDope

Earth 1962 1.4
All the 1962 tracking stations, and launch pads you want. This include the Mercury Tracking Network. textured Vandenburg AFB, Baikonur, LC 19 (Gemini-Titan), and LC 14 (Project Mercury) at the Cape.
Authored by Rob Conley, and Brad Hodges

Atlantis Space Shuttle with MMU, RMS, and Satellite Deployment 2.10 *NEW VERSION*
The excellent Atlantis module, included with Orbiter, as been improved with the ability to use the MMU for EVA, use of the RMS, and to configure a Atlantis scenario with the ability to launch the satellite of choice. Also you can grapple and position your satellite payload with this module.
Authored by Rob Conley, and Dealer McDope

ESA Ariane 5 with Carina Payload
The ESA's heavy booster, the Ariane 5, is simulated with this module. This module features the ability to customize the payload (config, mass, and location).
Authored by Rob Conley, and Dealer McDope

Space 1999: Eagle Transporter
From the late 70's sci-fi series is a Eagle Transporter with EVA, detachable module, and pod.
Authored by Rob Conley, and Roger Long

Orbiter Add-ons Orbiter Sim AVSim.
McDope\'s Orbiter Mods. Astronautix Moonport

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