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Cootie Stark & Neal "Big Daddy" Pattman - Timothy Duffy

These recordings were made with Cello, Ltd.'s special two-microphone system. The quality of the sound on these cds are truly of a new level of realism. The sonic quality of sound bites is not indicative of these high-fidelity recording. In an effort to reduce your download time we sacrificed the quality of sound.

Music Downloads

Hard Luck & Trouble

Marie Manning lives in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina where her husband Dready is the Bishop of a Holiness Church. He is a former bluesman who has converted his music to songs in praise of the Lord. Marie sings powerful old-time gospel while the Bishop plays hard-driving Piedmont-style guitar. The Mannings music can be heard on Came So Far and Expressin' the Blues.

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Expressin' the Blues

Guitar Gabriel was the most eloquent bluesman of his time. In this piece Gabe addresses the entire blues landscape and lets us in on the real story. Guitar can be heard on each compilation and on his own cd.

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Metal Bottoms

Cootie related to me, "Me and Chilly Winds the washboard player had been up all night. Sun was coming up and we were walking down the street in the section of town called Metal Bottoms. That is where all the goings on were, and it could be a rough place. We started singing about it. It is a true song."
Cootie can be heard on Expressin' the Blues and his own album soon to be released: Cootie Stark, Sugar Man which Taj Mahal, Neal Pattman, Jimmy Rip and The Brothers in the Kitchen lend their musical support.

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Peter Rumpkin

I was at a drink house in East Winston with Guitar Gabriel one day, when in walked this little old lady. She chimed in with some old risque songs, danced on a chair and worked the crowd with her sharp tongue. We became close friends and in 1994, Gabe, Willa and I performed together at Carnegie Hall. Her sassy songs can be heard on A Living Past and Expressin' the Blues.

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Prison Blues

Neal Pattman lives in Athens, Georgia. He lost one arm after it got stuck in a wagon wheel when he was a child. Neal came up hard, working, fighting, and playing the blues. He has a new record coming out on Cello Records: Music Maker Series. Guests on this album include: Taj Mahal, Lee Konitz, Jimmy Rip, Mark Levinson and Mudcat.

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Spoken Word Downloads

Guitar Gabriel

Guitar Gabriel loved to talk about the blues. His imagination and vitality were the driving force that brought Music Maker into existence.

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Taj Mahal

Taj Taj Mahal is on the Advisory Board of M.M.R.F. Inc. He has been working with Tim Duffy since October 1997. He has helped produce and perform on upcoming releases with Music Maker artists: Etta Baker, John Dee Holeman, Algia Mae Hinton, Cootie Stark, and Neal Pattman. Taj is commited to our mission and is looking forward to many more collaborations with Music Maker artists.

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