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Re: Those "useless" Black gums (Nyssa ssp)

About 15 years ago, when we moved here, an arborist recommended we remove a 
rather ugly tree, damaged by storm or construction, in our back yard. I 
demurred, and every year at this time, we have been amply rewarded, by our 
still "ugly and useless" black gum, with a big crop of fruit, and almost 
miraculously, Thrushes, for 2 or 3 days. We got back from the CBC meeting 
last night, and this was the morning! Below is the list for 45 minutes of 
feeding frenzy around 10 o'clock, but the stream has been steady all day.
Veery 1
Swainson Thrush 4+
Gray-cheeked Thrush 2 ( I tried to make one of these into a Bicknell's, But 
just    could.'t)
Wood thrush 2
American Robin 20+ (5-6 juveniles with spots still)
Scarlet Tanager 8
Summer Tabnager 4
Red-eyed & White-eyed vireo 1 each (yes, they eat fruit too)
Plus the usual yard crew No mockinbird 1, Brown Thrasher 2, Blue Jay 5, 
Flicker 1, Red-bellied WP 2-3, No Cardinal 2. 
And the tree is still loaded! Useless, huh.

Pete Worthington (bpworthing@aol.com)