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Re: Elusive Jordan Lake Crossbills

I was out at the Xbill spot this am, but did not succeed in finding the birds.
There was a good deal of activity in the area including most of the birds
mentioned in the previous posting.  I did find the spot very good for Fox
Sparrows.  I pished once or twice and had several pop up and check me out.  I
didn't stay as long as I could have as the ground was pretty muddy and I did not
have the appropriate footwear.  if you head out this weekend you might want to
bring a pair of boots or old sneaks along.

I cruised around the area stopping at Ebenezer Point for the Bonaparte's Gulls
and Horned Grebes before driving into Chapel Hill to get the Barred Owl for the
year list.  Sure enough, an owl was sitting in a large cavity in an oak tree,
surrounded by a dozen squawking crows.  The owl ignored the riotous crows and
they soon moved away.  A very brave, or very nearsighted, squirrel ran up the
tree and into the cavity occupied by the owl.  The squirrel soon recognized its
error and came shooting out of the hole at full bore.  The owl acknowledged by
sleepily blinking and turning to watch the escaping mammal.

On the way back east I stopped at the Hwy 54 impoundment.  A nice flock of Cedar
Waxwings greeted me with their buzzy calls.  A pair of Red-shouldered hawks
seems to be setting up shop near the "dam".

Hope the Xbills show back up for the field trip this weekend!

Steve Shultz
Cary, NC
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