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Re: Elusive Jordan Lake Crossbills

That's strange. I saw the Crossbills on Tuesday morning between 11:15 and 
11:45. They were within 25 yards of the parking area. The wind didn't seem 
to bother them a bit. They were too busy feeding and making a racket. There 
were also a couple of Winter Wrens in the area. Sorry that I didn't post 
this earlier but I've been away from my computer for the last couple of days.

Ron Silverman
Raleigh, NC

At 08:52 AM 01/06/2000 -0800, Dr. S. J. Froning wrote:
>The elusive Crossbills must have flown the coop....
>After Will's wonderful tale from Sunday's Christmas
>count and Doug's siting on Monday, I have been
>searching since.
>Shelley Theye and I went from 12:45-2:25 on Tuesday
>under very windy conditions. Saw lots of others
>Brown Creeper, BH Nuthatch, Bluebird flock 20+/- (any
>explanation for this phenomenon??), GF's, a nice
>mustardy Pine Warbler that got our hopes up
>I figured yesterday after the front blew through and
>the PF's and Pine Siskins stayed on my feeders all day
>that it was a sign to check again. I ran into Claudia
>Egelhoff and her friend, Russell, who came from
>to search. We were there later in the afternoon around
>3:30. It was very quiet. Claudia recalls the
>White-winged CB's in Alaska showing preference for
>similar habitat that had pines and had been recently
>cut over.
>This site has a new road cut through for the turkey
>Anyone else been out to look or have any further
>Jill Froning DVM
>south of Chapel Hill/n. Chatham Co.
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