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American Tree Sparrow Location

I believe that the Tree Sparrow was around the power line clearing at the
end of the Cottonwood Trail, in the southeastern part of the city itself.
I am trying to confirm this and get more details, but do not have them yet.

To get to the trail, from Main Street (29) turn onto Fernwood.  Turn right
onto Dupree after passing Fernwood Baptist.  Pass the high school and turn
right.  (I do not remember the street name, but it is just past the high
school and just before the steep downhill).  There are parking areas on
either side of the road just before the bridge.  If you park on the right,
take the trail under the bridge to connect up with the trail from the
left-hand parking area.  Follow the trail towards the east, I believe about
a mile, going under a bridge, and it eventually reaches a power line

David Campbell
Chapel Hill