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Eurasian Wigeon and Loggerhead Shrike in N. Mecklenburg

Migrating waterfowl seem to be the latest thing:

Yesterday's success at Coddle Creek pumped me up, so I did the rounds of
University Place Lake, McGuire Nuclear's Cooling Ponds, and Cowans Ford WR.

Highlights included two brown-headed, light-beige-capped Eurasian Wigeon
males among 14 mixed M/F American Wigeons split between both E and W ponds
at Cowans Ford.  Also seen there:
Hooded Merganser
Green-winged Teal
Sharp-shinned Hawk and other more common raptors
plus the usual suspects, B-H Nuthatches, E. BBs, AmGoldfinch, et al.

McGuire yielded a strange sight:  This time a year ago (1/18/99) I found my
first lone female Canvasback among a group of Greater and Lesser Scaup at
the W cooling pond.  Today, same occurrence.  No male Canvasback in sight.
Just a lone female hanging about with Scaup.  Identity crisis?  She thinx
she's a Scaup?  I hesitate to think that this is the same individual as last
year, but the circumstances point in that direction.  Also seen at McGuire
Hooded Merganser
Ring-necked Dux (only two birds; a M/F pair)
E. Phoebe
P.B. Grebe

Loggerhead Shrike seen on wire and foraging about next to Hiwassee Rd. 0.5
mi. E of Ramah Ch. Rd. accompanied by a dozen or more E. Bluebirds

University Place Lake yielded only Ruddy Dux (14) as birds of interest.  The
others - AmCoots and such - are more-or-less permanent residents

All-in-all, a cold but GOOD DAY!

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