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Additional Binoculars

My wife and I currently bird with two pair of Zeiss BGAT*P* binoculars.
They serve us well and I can attest to the efficiency of Zeiss lifetime
guarantee, having sent the 10X40 pair back for focus wheel problems
twice and had them satisfactorily repaired at no cost. They are now 11
years old. The 7X42 pair has been flawless. My wife complains about neck
strain and the weight of these bins on long 10 to 12 plus hour birding
days and I would like to have a pair of more compact binoculars for
business travel.

We are currently considering a pair of Zeiss 8X30 BGAT*P*'s but we have 
no experience with them or any other 8 power for that matter. We would
be most appreciative to receive direct E-mail comments from our fellow

Thanks, Buddy

Charles L “Buddy” Garrett, MD
Coastal Pathology Associates, PA
132 Dockside Dr
Jacksonville, NC 28546
w-910-577-2286    h-577-6776