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Henderson County Update


        Some waterfowl have finally shown up.  On Lake Osceola, the
following waterfowl are present:
20 American Black Ducks    5 Green-winged Teal    130 Ring-necked    5
Northern Pintails    3 American Wigeon
8 Gadwall    100+ Canada Geese    Many Mallards    13 Pied-billed Grebes
1 Bufflehead

    On Hooper Lane, at the intersection of Jeffress Rd. they are againing
spraying manure on the fields, which the Pipits and Lapland Longspurs love.
At 2:00 PM this afternoon, there were about 75 American Pipits, and at least
3 Lapland Longspurs.


Wayne K. Forsythe
245 Stonebrook Drive
Hendersonville, N.C. 28791