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Re: Santee help

Hi CarolinaBirders,

The shorebirding at Santee NWR varies a lot, according to the level of Lake
Marion.  When the lake is low, which usually happens in the late summer
(unless there is a hurricane), the best shorebirding is along the shore of
Cantey Bay, which you can see from the Wright's Bluff Nature Trail in the
Bluff Unit of the Refuge (i.e. the unit where the Visitors' Center is, just
west of I-95).

When lake levels are high, as they usually are at this time of  year,
shorebirding at Santee NWR is usually not very good.  However if it is
REALLY wet (i.e. has rained a lot in the last few days) there are sometimes
good rain pools in the Pine Island unit fields.  I have seen 80 Common Snipe
in one small area is March at the Pine Island Unit.

I have not checked out Santee NWR recently, so I don't know what conditions
are like right now.  The best shorebirding in easily accessible spots in
South Carolina at this time of year are usually at Huntington Beach State
Park, the Santee Coastal Reserve (ask Jack Peachey or Gary Philips about
current conditions) or Bear Island WMA.

Robin Carter
Columbia, SC

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> Can anyone recommend good places to look for shorebirds at Santee NWR?
> Thanks
> ALan Kneidel
> Charlotte, NC