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Hunting Island SP, SC

Hi folks,

I visited Hunting Island State Park, SC on Sunday and had a my first look of 
the year at a good number of shorebirds and great (15 feet away) looks at 
several Painted Buntings (visiting the feeder at the nature center).

Highlights forced down by several T-storms included:
Marbled Godwits (23)
A single sleeping Godwit that looked like a Hudsonian.
Whimbrel (49)
Willet (4)
Sanderling (120)
Semi Sandpiper (35)
Short-billed Dow (300+)
Peep sp. (200) a bit far for binoculars
Am. Oystercatcher (2)
Black-belied Plover (5)
Golden Plover (1 imm.)
Semi. Plover (1)

I also had:
1 Least Tern
1 Common Tern
1 Forsters Tern
and lots of the regular species.

The bulk of the migrants were on the salt pannes on the right, just before 
the bridge onto the island.

Paul Champlin
Aiken, SC
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