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Wake waterfowl

I took a swing by the local ponds, ditches, and trenches during lunch today for
two reasons: 1) to provide you, my birding friends, with an idea of what's out
there in case you want to see it, and 2) because Wayne and Eric are getting all
the good birds and I figure it's about time a goody shows up around here :-)

I'm still waiting on the goody, but here's what was floating around:

NCSU dairy- 230 Canada Geese, 32 Bufflehead, 8 Lesser Scaup, 5 Ring-necks, and 2

Greenview- Had a For Rent sign out, but no takers.  (No ducks present)

1010 Pond- 33 Ring-necks, 9 American Wigeon (I heard a secondhand report of a
"redhead" from this pond so any one who stops by may want to keep an eye out in
case it might be a wigeon of the European persuasion!)

lower West Lake Pond- 2 Hooded Merganser, 2 Ring-necks

upper West Lake Pond- as usual the winner...  237 Ring-necks, 66 American
Wigeon, 54 Canvasback, 2 Gadwall, 1 Bufflehead

Just got back from 3 days in New Jersey where I learned I was less than 30
minutes from a reliable Snowy Owl at Sandy Hook.  Of course I did not have my
bins with me.  Egad!  Maybe next time....

Steve Shultz
Cary, NC
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