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Date: 4/30/2005

Cole Fest: 26 years of Deaning Journalism

Richard Cole is stepping down after 26 years of being the Dean of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina.
Last night, Sally and I went over to celebrate his time, his kindness, his optimism, his innovativeness and his leadership with about 300 of his closest friends. Richard has had some influence on the life of anyone who has said the word “journalism” in North Carolina and beyond so to narrow down the list to only 300 is saying something.
It would take a long long page to list all of Dean Cole’s accomplishments, but the University Gazette takes a pretty good stab at it.
There is no dispute that Dean Cole knows his journalism and he certainly knows his barbecue — he accepts only pulled pork from Bullock’s of Durham. (I prefer Keith Allen’s of Allen and Son, but don’t tell Richard).

Ruby and Brian are getting married!

Ruby and BrianCivic Space, Open Source Wedding, Buddhist Vows, Forest Theatre. These are some of the discussion points on Ruby Sinreich and Brian Russell‘s Brian and Ruby Wedding blog.
Two people couldn’t be more made for each other. Happy planning!

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