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Broken Flowers

Throughout the whole movie, I kept thinking: No one but Bill Murray could possibly pull this off. Turns out that director and writer Jim Jarmusch says that he wrote the script in two and a half weeks with Bill Murray in mind for the lead.

McConville/Bucky Show preview article

McConville in dome
Fuller with dome
In the Asheville Citizen-Times today, vintage Bucky pics and vintage McConville knees.
David’s show about Bucky is tonight.

Target-ed advertizing in New Yorker

Target logo
You’ll have to pick up the current New Yorker (August 22) to see the spate of illustrations featuring various imaginative uses of the Target logo; you can’t see them online unfortunately. The amount of page space dedicated to the illustrations by various artists all with the red Target as part of them. The company name is never mentioned. There is very little text in any of the illustrations. Each of the images does have something to do with New York though. Some of buildings as flower petals with the center of the flower being the Target logo. A dog fetching a Target logo frisbee. A worker at the coffee counter with a white rag hanging out of his pocket — and a red Target logo on that rag.

USA Today to publish tech mag

I had read the headline as “USA Today to punish Tech Magazine.” That what I get for being at a middle school orientation all morning. At the middle school, detention is now called “Break” which stands for something about getting your act back together.

The AP article says that USA Today Now Personal Technology will be 80 glossy pages and will be released on October 17th.

Vassar Clements (1928 – 2005)

I first heard Vassar Clements back in the 60s when I was in high school. Always the odd boy, I was not digging the sweet soul music called “beach music” and the rock and roll available was mostly from the UK. But I was happy to be one of the few long haired or gypsy dressed kids at a serious bluegrass concert. I recall fondly how Vassar Clements was early to play with John Hartford and then with the Earl Scruggs Review and then soon after on the Nitty Gritty Dirtband’s Circle LPs.
Over time I heard Vassar, recorded, in various surprising and excellent combos playing with various rockers and jazz players.
Even the play list on the one LP of his I own, Vassar Clements (on Mercury in 1975), shows his diverse friends and interests — Charlie Daniels, Marty Stewart, John McEuen, John Hartford and others. Sadly this, one of the best instrumental LPs I own, has never been released on CD and is out of print.

Mo Comix

NYTimes article today about Comix on the Web.

Amazing Adventures of …

Lethem and Chabon. Patricia Storms has fun with a couple of my favorite manly authors, Jonathan Lethem (“Fortress of Solitude”) and Michael Chabon (“Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay”). The testerone powered comic fixated McSweeney boys, as you might imagine, meet their match.

Nate Raymond has some good feelings about the web-strip at sugarbombs.

Rex Libris Public Librarian

I, Librarian
Jeff Pomerantz points out (over lunch but not on his blog) a new comix from Slave Labor, Rex Libris, Public Librarian. The peek at the book online is worth your time. Should be out this month.

Just spoke to our School of Information and Library Science Librarian, Rebecca Varga, and she tells me that she ordered Rex Libris a few weeks back. If you are in Manning Hall, there is a good chance you can get the book right here!

After posting this I went to the book store to try to buy or order the book and they couldn’t find it in their inventory (okay) nor could they find it in the suppliers list (not so good). May have to be ordered on the net.
After Jeff, Rebecca and I are done with it of course.

Dome at SigGraph (elumenati)

David in the Dome with Friends
elumenati founder and ibiblio alum David McConville sends pics of the elumenati custom inflatable dome as it appeared at this year’s SigGraph conference.

David also sends an alert for his show at The Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center (56 Broadway in downtown Asheville) called “Immersive Media Environments.” The show is part of the “Buskmaster” oops R. Buckminster Fuller celebration there.
When (too soon): Thursday, August 18, 8:00 pm

Monkees make it a Billion

WorldCat from OCLC announces that they have cataloged their 1 billionth entry into their 34 year old shared catalog of library holdings.

The Monkees : The day-by-day story of the ’60s TV pop sensation
joins over 61
million unique catalog records representing 1 billion items in more than 54,000 libraries in 96 countries. The Bible, Mother Goose, Huckleberry Finn, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland are among the Top Ten holdings in the catalog. Entirely unique items such as a Babylonian temple receipt for cattle and sheep used
in temple services around 2350 B.C are also in the catalog. The Monkees will not be entirely unique nor in the Top Ten I predict.

Note: My collegue, Fred Kilgour, founded OCLC in 1967 and was its President until 1980 then was Permanent Founder Trustee until 1995.

Unsafe nerfs (back in the day)

burning nerf ball
Possibly and probably Nerf Balls no longer no longer burst “into flames about two seconds after contact with a lit match” as Consumer Reports discovered that they did back in 1971.

You can thrill to pictures and tests of vintage products from Consumer Reports testing while I run out and pour some gasoline down a yellow jacket nest.

Tonight’s safety question: Do I set the nest on fire after dousing it or not?

Powers of Seven chapbook?

I’ve six poems written and four of those published for the series I’ve been working on based on the number seven. Since each of the six corresponds in some ways, often obliquely, with each of the seven days in Genesis’ first creation story, I could take the seventh day off for rest.
Here’s how it looks so far:

Gothic Martha Stewart

Title says it all.

ibiblio-mania various

Besides the SlashDot article posted below, ibiblio has received some other very good and varied attention in the past few hours.

ibiblio’s Osprey on SlashDot

John Reuning had an article on Osprey accepted and posted last night on SlashDot

The comments were various and many. Here’s the article and the links:

BitTorrent for Content Providers
Posted by
timothy on Wednesday August 10, @06:50PM

from the but-it’s-per-se-bad-don’t-you-realize dept.
snuvlorgin writes has entered the fray, launching an enhanced BitTorrent site.
Among the torrent offerings (all legal) are Linux kernels, distros, Project Gutenberg texts, and the ibiblio Speaker Series, which includes videos of talks by Larry Lessig, Robin Miller, and Dan Gillmor. ibiblio developed and open sourced the Osprey and Permaseed software to make BitTorrent seeding reliable, persistent, and suitable for large-scale content providers. Yes, you can find these torrents later.”

What Gabriel Did This Summer

At least what he will admit to. See his panorama of Santiago de Campostela in Spain.

Power of the Peep and Dr Fun

Dr Fun creator Dave Farley writes to say that he’ll be interviewed for a documentary on the Eastertime favorite Peeps called “The Power of the Peep.” Dr Fun has had a load of fun with peeps over the years.

Dave was also interviewed about webcomics by Le Figaro (in French of course).

A few links to some Dr Fun peep featuring cartoons below.

Rain and Netscape IPO

August in Chapel Hill is usually dry. I recall several summers in the past decades when we were under water restrictions. Today we are simply under water. When I walked in this morning, water wasn’t rushing out of the grates; it was shooting up out of the grates! I had on a poncho and was carrying an umbrella but from the knees down I was soaked. Megan reports that Franklin Street was/is flooded down toward Panzanella (and the Wicked Burrito).

This week is the 10th anniversary of the Netscape IPO. Some people are claiming that should be the anniversary of the Internet or the Web, but of course things were longer in the making than that. Kevin Kelly has a good essay in Wired this month on the subject with an amusing projection into the next decade.

Kerouac Scroll to Roll into Town

The original scroll of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road will be exhibited at the UNC-Chapel Hill Wilson Library from September 29-December 17 this fall. The opening reception will be free to the public on September 29, from 5-7 p.m. at the Saltarelli Exhibit Room, third floor of the Wilson Library. The NC Writers’ Network is a cosponsor of this significant event

Marching Penguins

No not the Linuxbierwanderung, but the movie about Emperor Penguins, the March of the Penguins. I wondered if people were serious about how good and how moving this Antarctic documentary had been for them when they saw it. Now that I’ve seen it myself, I too am impressed. The story of the penguins yearly life cycle is dramatic and amazing on its own, but thinking (when not totally absorbed by the movie’s story and beautiful photography) about how the movie was made in such adverse conditions raised my level of amazement even higher.

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