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Jeff Pomerantz points out (over lunch but not on his blog) a new comix from Slave Labor, Rex Libris, Public Librarian. The peek at the book online is worth your time. Should be out this month.

Just spoke to our School of Information and Library Science Librarian, Rebecca Varga, and she tells me that she ordered Rex Libris a few weeks back. If you are in Manning Hall, there is a good chance you can get the book right here!

After posting this I went to the book store to try to buy or order the book and they couldn’t find it in their inventory (okay) nor could they find it in the suppliers list (not so good). May have to be ordered on the net.
After Jeff, Rebecca and I are done with it of course.


  1. PomeRantz

    I can’t take credit; I read about it on Jason Griffey’s blog!

    On that note, I learned a new word from Jessamyn recently: biblioblogosphere

  2. Steve B

    For related bibliophilia, there’s the Japanese anime Read or Die.

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