Way back in the day, we hosted some projects being developed by Jay Maynard. Then all hell broke loose. Jay became Tron Guy and a net icon of sorts. Jay still keeps a Public Domain IBM Mainframe software collection on ibiblio, but Tron Guy has taken on a life of his own (appropriately at tronguy.net).
I included Tron Guy as an enrichment link for INLS092 today. A few hours after I added the link to the class blog, I got a note from Jay who is monitoring RSS links to his site. You can’t fool Tron Guy.
After a little conversation, Jay sent me a copy of a top secret Tron Guy video done with the folks down at DAVE in Orlando.
I can’t release the video (Jay says hold on), but I did screen it and I can say that Cindy Morgan is just as lovely as ever and that Tron Guy does a better job than the original Tron actor. In the meantime, Jay aka Tron Guy has some very funny videos on his site.