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Life and music in the pre-60s 60s

Before the 60s were the 60s, there was the Bell Telephone Hour. Here we see not only sincere young men with great voices singing folk music The Chad Mitchell Trio (they are actually socially aware risk-taking satirists), but a pre-Byrds and very young Roger (Jim) McGuinn and an advert for the Princess phone — it’s not for guys. (from January 19, 1962)
Camilla writes about Jim/Roger’s Chad Mitchell experience here.

Dolly Parton and Roger McGuinn

I think I know who the camerawoman was on this cool look into a recording session of Roger McGuinn and Dolly Parton recording “Turn, Turn, Turn.”

ibiblio move in Local Tech Wire and WRAL

Rick Smith’s ever helpful “The Skinny” at WRAL LocalTechWire picks up the ibiblio move to MCNC in “ibiblio Now Rides the ‘Rail’ at MCNC Through NCREN.”

Events coming up – Sutor, intellagirl, Privacy and Security and More

This Wednesday March 14 at 3 pm, IBM VP for Open Source Bob Sutor in Murphey Hall.

Monday March 26 at 11, intellagirl.

Thursday March 29 at noon:30, ASIST panel (includes me) on “THIS CONVERSATION IS BEING BLOGGED: Our lives, online, all the time, in the trend towards lifelogging” in Wilson Library.

Wednesday April 4 at 7 pm, RTP 2.0 at Tyler’s in Durham.

Saturday April 14 from 1 pm to 5 pm, Privacy and Security panels.

Security and Liberty Forum – April 14 (update)

What: Security and Liberty Forum
When: Saturday, April 14 1-5 p.m.
Where: Sitterson Hall on the UNC Campus (Parking info)

Free Registration here

Confirmed Speakers

Sponsors: Privacy and Technology Committee of the N.C. ACLU; Department of Computer Science, UNC-Chapel Hill;, UNC-Chapel Hill; Electronic Privacy Information Center (; Information Science and Information Studies, Duke University; The School of Information and Library Science, UNC-Chapel Hill

In and of the Times

The time changed today — early to Daylight Savings and the New York Times features articles to remember to read today or later:

I’m conflicted

The ACC Tourney final game will be UNC vs NCSU!

Fred, TRel and me in Brian’s dream

In Brian‘s dream, he goes to Google only to find three friends on the stage. We misbehave. Very funny.

Leaving the Weave

I’ve been an owner of Weaver Street Market at Carr Mill Mall since the beginning (owner number under 275), but lately I’ve been disappointed in their landlord’s management.

First Nathan Millian banned dancing and in specific our favorite Dancing Man. Then he went wilder and tried to shutdown all “unauthorized performance.”

Nathan don’t ‘low no guitar pickin’ ’round here! Nathan don’t ‘low no hulahoopin’ ’round here! etc.

Luckily Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton and Alderman Dan Coleman stepped in and negotiated with the owner of Carr Mill and Nathan. The owner (forget name here) said he wanted (according to Coleman) “Carr Mill to be welcoming to the community.”

So far so good.

Until this morning when these signs showed up on the Weaver Street lawn between the picnic tables and the band performance area — amongst other places — as Ruby and others at OP have noticed. Pictures at OP also.

Bye, Nathan. No need for me to shop there. And the Weave will have two other locations soon…

intellagirl to UNC – March 29

Who: Sarah “Intellagirl” Robbins
What: “Creating Authentic and Engaging Community-Oriented Learning Spaces: Using Second Life in Higher Education Classrooms.”
When: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon, Monday, March 26, 2007
Where: Room 205, Undergraduate Library
Space is limited to 50 attendees; all food and drink are absolutely forbidden in the room

About: Second Life Education Research
More Research

Yet more: Educators have much to compete with these days. How can we keep students engaged in learning when they have pockets filled with iPods, phones equipped with instant messenger and streaming video, and a high-tech laptop sitting on their desk? The answer is to not compete but rather to utilize the technologies students are already using into the learning environment. Second Life is a unique space that brings audio, video, 3-D immersive spaces, and social networking into one lively and creative space. Using Second Life for higher education allows educators to engage students in authentic collaborative learning that appeals to a wide variety of learning styles and personality types. This workshop will walk participants through the basic mechanics of Second Life and the pedagogical approaches helpful for making the most of this immersive learning space.

(Thanks, Fred)

RTP 2.0 Open Social – April 4

Fred writes to alert us of the upcoming RTP 2.0 Open Social.

What: RTP 2.0 Open Social
When: Wednesday, April 4, from 7-9PM
Where: Tyler’s Tavern in Durham’s American Tobacco Campus.

More from Fred and from RTP 2.0

And No Birds Sang

In this case no Gary Birdsong. Gary the Pit Preacher has been kicked off the UNC – Chapel Hill’s campus for at least 2 years. There will be appeals, I’m sure. Gary’s been a fixture (when the weather is nice for a couple of decades now). [good pictures here on ibiblio]

If MSFT had designed vi

A funny posting from Sun’s Marigan’s blog (thanks Don).

ibiblio move in the news

dBusiness News covers the move of ibiblio to MCNC and NCREN — “Transition from UNC-Chapel Hill to Core of N.C. Research Network Provides Cost Savings, Spurs Innovation and New Partnerships.”

Covered in GRID today as “Breaking News: NCREN Hosts Worldwide Internet Digital Library”

Covered in HPC Wire as “Breaking News: NCREN Provides New Home for”

Lyceum and JJB at SXSW


JJB writes that he’ll be back in Austin for SXSW where ibiblio’s open source blogsphere project, Lyceum, was first announced.

This years, over 200 successful installations in place worldwide, JJB will meet folks to talk about Lyceum as it moves to 1.0 status.

See his post at the SXSW Community blog and look him up if you are there.

UPDATE – Bob Sutor IBM Open Source VP 3/14 at 3 pm

Bob SutorBob in 2L
Who: Bob Sutor, IBM Vice President for Open Source and Open Standards
When: 3 pm Wednesday, March 14
Where: 116 Murphey Hall UNC-Chapel Hill
Parking and Directions: Campus Pay Lots and Directions, Visitor’s Map, J-school includes closeby parking, More detailed campus map.
What: “Open Source and Standards — Catalysts for Innovation and New Business”
a public talk by and conversation with Bob about IBM and Open Source and Open Standards

More: Bob is involved in the Open Document Format standard, Eclipse and WebSphere, Second Life, The IBM Open Patents Pledge and more. See his very active personal blog.

Sponsors:, School of Information and Library Science, Carolina Open Source Initiative, IBM Centers for Advanced Studies

Middleburg Eccentric

Whilst in DC for the WebWise Conference, I took time out for a fun lunch with the editors/publishers of the Middleburg Eccentric (of Middleburg, VA) Dan Morrow and Glenda Cudaback. Another example of a hyperlocal paper fitting an interesting and energetic niche.

I wrote about the Carrboro Citizen earlier.

Tomorrow – Me at the Working Group on Expertise, Science and Democracy

Paul Jones

Sponsor: The Working Group on Expertise, Science and Democracy
When: Thursday March 8, 3:30 p.m.
Where: 118 Hanes Art
Who: Paul Jones, founder of and director of
What: “Participatory Digital Libraries – Past and Futures; the ibiblio trends”

Paul Jones, founder of and director of, will present “Participatory Digital Libraries – Past and Futures; the ibiblio trends,” in which he will talk about experiences and futures of Contribtor-run Digital Libraries and repositories, focusing on the ibiblio experience.

This will be an update of his paper “Open (source)ing the doors for contributor-run digital libraries.” Communications of the ACM. Volume 44 , Issue 5 (May 2001).[PDF]

Also you can hit my wiki and participate in the talk in advance.

If you prefer the Japanese language version of the ACM paper, here it is [PDF].

Computers and Society talk is up

Last night I was guest speaker for Jeanne Walsh’s CS 380 “Computers and Society.” I had a great time speaking to a very responsive class as we talked about “Digital Rights and Barriers to Innovation.” The video is already online at the class External Speakers site or via this direct link [mp4].

Coffee doesn’t pick you up

BBC reports that Coffee doesn’t really give you a boost! You couldn’t prove that by me.

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