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Leaving the Weave

I’ve been an owner of Weaver Street Market at Carr Mill Mall since the beginning (owner number under 275), but lately I’ve been disappointed in their landlord’s management.

First Nathan Millian banned dancing and in specific our favorite Dancing Man. Then he went wilder and tried to shutdown all “unauthorized performance.”

Nathan don’t ‘low no guitar pickin’ ’round here! Nathan don’t ‘low no hulahoopin’ ’round here! etc.

Luckily Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton and Alderman Dan Coleman stepped in and negotiated with the owner of Carr Mill and Nathan. The owner (forget name here) said he wanted (according to Coleman) “Carr Mill to be welcoming to the community.”

So far so good.

Until this morning when these signs showed up on the Weaver Street lawn between the picnic tables and the band performance area — amongst other places — as Ruby and others at OP have noticed. Pictures at OP also.

Bye, Nathan. No need for me to shop there. And the Weave will have two other locations soon…


  1. Reading about all this from afar is surreal. Weaver Street was one of the places I missed most.

  2. Paul

    3/9/2007 at 10:20 pm

    We miss it too. Luckily, for coffee the Open Eye is the new Living Room of Carrboro. For drinks, Milltown and Glass Half Full do the trick. For a lawn you have to go to the S.Village Weave. For a great outdoor sit, Cafe Driade.

    And soon a Weave in Hillsborough — the bakery will be there too.

    Most of this could be fixed if Nathan had understood what the real problems were back in August and been of service to the Town and to his clients.

  3. What a waste of a good commons area. What’s the point in turning the Carr Mill lawn into just another South Point? Such a shame.

  4. I surprised all this negative public feedback isn’t shaming them into reversing course. Can’t the town of Carrboro send a stronger message? Argh.

  5. Paul

    3/11/2007 at 8:02 am

    Front page on today’s Chapel Hill News.

    But then a friend reports that the Weave was full of people during the ball game yesterday and none of them knew the score. Probably they don’t read the signs either…

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