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DJ Spooky love in NandO blogs, DTH interview etc

Spooky with Penguins
DJ Spooky, seen above with penguins, will be here at UNC on Friday afternoon and at Duke on Saturday night. David Menconi of the News and Observer treats us to some current and vintage Spooky links and interviews at his blog here. I did a little interview with Kevin Turner of the Daily Tar Heel this morning that will run on Friday. More press as it happens.

Remember the UNC event, DJ Spooky on Rhythm Science, is FREE on Friday February 8 at 3 pm in the Great Hall of the Student Union. Facebook event here.

TODAY at 3 – Cliff Missen of

Cliff Missen
Who: Cliff Missen
What: eGranary: bringing the Net to places wires and wireless won’t reach
When: Monday, February 4, 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Where: Pleasants Family Room, Wilson Library, UNC – Chapel Hill
Facebook event:
Hosts: ibiblio and INTRAHealth


Launched in 2000, the WiderNet Project, a service program based at the University of Iowa School of Library and Information Science, is improving digital communications in developing countries.

The project trains computer technicians and coaches decision-makers at universities in the developing world, providing on-site hands-on training, cutting-edge research on information technology issues facing the developing world, and donating new and refurbished computer equipment to partner universities. Over 3,600 technicians, decision makers, and librarians have been through our training programs across Africa.

The WiderNet Project also provides millions of digital educational resources to those without adequate Internet connectivity via the innovative eGranary Digital Library.

More information about the project can be found here

Weekend Roundup: Poetry, Blogs, Hawthorne, Homelessness

ibiblio links show up in the darnest places. This weekend in the Salem (Mass) Gazette and the associated site, Wicked Local. In an article, “Recalling Smith and Walker” author and preservationist John Goff points us to the Nathaniel Hawthorne story, set in Salem, “Grandfather’s Chair: A History for Youth” Yes the story is on ibiblio in the Eldritch (yes Eric Eldred’s Eldrich Press as in the Supreme Court case) site.

Jeffery Beam and Josh Hockensmith began what will be an irregular reading series in Chatham County at Josh’s house this Saturday. It’s always a pleasure to hear Jeffery, who began his presentation by singing a Neil Young song and then took us back into time to some of the first of his published poems some I heard almost 30 years ago. Josh’s poems were varied in style including his personal poetic movement Velocityism and poems as questions (influenced nicely by Pablo Neruda’s Book of Questions).

Sally explained Orange County’s 10 Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness at our church this morning. She of course emphasized the humanity of the project, but also presented evidence of considerable economic benefits resulting from the plan.

Met with the BlogTogether brain trust to talk about the possible follow ups to the Science Blogging Conference. The conference was much loved despite the light dust of snow in the afternoon. Yes we have other ideas in the cooker.

Local CEOs who blog
made the News and Observer today. Included in the sample entries are iContact’s Ryan Allis and CED’s Monica Doss. Monica has a great story of sharing the wonderful It’s Carrboro video with Richard Florida.

Florida’s reaction according to Doss: He was — to put it mildly — awestruck: “In a word it is amazing. It is exactly the message our communities need to send, not to just to each other but to the world.”

Moving Zen (on YouTube)

A film, in draft on YouTube in three parts, by leader Tom Davenport tells a very personal and insightful tale of Tom’s 25 year experience with Zen meditation. [part 1] [part 2] [part 3]

There is more to sitting than you might think. “Does this dog have buddha-nature or not?” is answered or maybe not.

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