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Eldritch Press


Here are free, accessible books. Read them and go in peace.

Everything at this site has now been placed in the public domain with a Creative Commons deed (except two or three pieces copyrighted by others and used by permission).
[Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication] This site is dedicated to the Public Domain.

Please bookmark the On-Line Books Page (from the <Prev link above) since you will find all of these books through that site if this server disappears--as well as more than 20,000 other free online books.

NEW: New at Eldritch Press is the one place to look for additions and other notices.

  1. American literature

  2. English literature

  3. Russian literature in English translation

  4. French literature in English translation

  5. For teachers, distance learning

  6. Great writings of The Great War

  7. World literature in English

  8. Messing about in boats

  9. Read aloud to a child or former child or family

  10. Science, biology, physics, bugs

  11. Radicals and squares

  12. Works about Christmas or snow, suitable for a floppy disk gift

[support online books][Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication] This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.

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