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Apple Store Opening Tomorrow

Randall Greg of the Raleigh Chronicle made me an offer I can’t refuse. He’ll give me his press pass to the Raleigh Crabtree Apple Store pre-opening tomorrow, if I act like a journalist and write a little for him and the Chronicle about the experience having taken some pictures and asked some questions.

What questions would you ask at an Apple Store opening? Like why has the store opening been delayed for 6 months and what are they doing to prepare for flooding and is it true that Apple tries to keep their openings secret until the last minute to generate interest via viral publicity?

Randall has a pre-opening story in today’s Chronicle.


  1. How about: why does the Tirangle need another Apple store when we already have one that is pretty centrally located in our region?

    And why can’t we have an IKEA instead? 😉

  2. Paul

    6/26/2006 at 6:52 am

    Actually I did ask that question not only of the store manager but of the people that were waiting in line. Not the IKEA part. Not everyone is in our region it seems. Folks from Clayton and Lewisburg consider Durham, as they call Southpoint, too far to travel.

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