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Am talking with Rhod Sharp instead of Chris Vallance. I’m in DC which makes reading the Dada Alphabet subtitled An Absurdist Illustrated Primer extremely appropriate. Rhod asks about Cheeseburger Brown whose book, Simon of Space, didn’t make the shortlist. I am sad that Cheeseburger and Mimi Smartypants didn’t make the cut. He is excited by Egg Bacon Chips and Beans. We get off track when I mention that the Beans should be replaced by Grits. He is down on grits not having had them properly prepared. I say Grits are polenta before the Italians got hold of them. He’s only had soupy white grits, poor fellow. Back to Blooker. I mention several food related blooks, Julie and Julia, EBCandB, Biodiesel Power. He asks if the blooks have been edited. Most have that I’ve read so far. There are a couple of daunting fatties there tho. Unmemorable chatter and we’re done. Be back in April.


  1. Hope you enjoyed the Dada Alphabet. I think the J is for Jabberwock page is especially appropriate for DC.

  2. To be fair, the first edition of “Simon of Space” is a mess…which is what happens when chapters go out “live” three times a week. I have high hopes that the second edition, which has an honest to goodness EDITOR, will be more successfully received.

  3. Paul

    3/26/2006 at 2:53 pm

    As a final judge, I didn’t get copies of all the entries, but I can say that an editor can be a writer’s best friend. A couple of blooks would have benefited from a concerned, friendly and tough editor’s advice.
    Winners to be announced in April.

  4. Are there any other message-boards about the Simon Of Space novel on the internet? If so, where?

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