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Beyond Heroes! (part 2)

Computerworld Honors image
In case we are selected as the top winner out of the five Finalists for the Computerworld 21st Century Achievement Awards on June 6th, we’re supposed to have sent the Computerworld folks some elements (images and video) that represent what ibiblio does (and did as sunsite and metalab). Then they will make a little video montage out of it.
Last year’s winner, the MIT Open Courseware Project, ended up looking like this.

What would you say represents at least part of what we’ve been doing in the past dozen years? Send me links or post here pleeeeeze! Pointers for screen grabs, pictures of folks who’ve been involved, primo collections, other things?
Sunsite folks in 1994


  1. Make sure you have a picture of balld with green hair. 😉

  2. Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!

    Not bad! But it’s not how I remember sunsite…

  3. Here are some links I sent in: ibiblio home page – current past several years home pages

    Some selections of historic home pages: 1994 home page 1996 sunsite home page 1999 metalab home page 2000 ibiblio home page 2002 degree confluence
    featured 2002 creative commons
    featured 2002 Tibet and Nepal 2003 12 years of linux 2004 science collections 2004 12 years of ibiblio

    Some important pages/collections: “can’t find this page” in many
    many languages Linux Documentation Project Herbal Medicine Roger McGuinn’s Folk Den Documenting the American South Project Gutenberg WebMuseum (since 1994) 10 years of Internet Radio see
    especially the Jeopardy answer screen

    People of ibiblio/metalab/sunsite meeting Elvis and Nixon in 1994 people of ibiblio

    Hosted by ibiblio logos in various formats:

    Videos of ibiblio speakers:

    Some images from SILS (including Adrianne and Donald jpgs)

  4. Now, you *are* including Doctor Fun for a bit of light relief, right? Also, Henriette, this month’s agriculture highlight, is pretty funky. 🙂

    I’d suggestion my own collections, of course, but ahead of it perhaps Project Gutenberg.

    IMHO. YMMV. etc. etc.

  5. The problem here is that each image is shown so briefly (see link above to MIT video). Text is almost invisible in this context or is at best only a visual element.
    Dr. Fun is too deep for such a context :->

  6. you have covered much above. i can help with more images.

    pictures of many of our old co-workers:
    (must ask someone in sungroup to temporarily remove the index)

    pictures from our office renovation:
    number 3: what life would be like without us.
    and look at fred’s cute little haircut!

    may or may not capture the spirit of the project

    jim ray drinks responsibly (although i think i was mean and put this on wdg)

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