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Chris Roush of UNC on Blogs at NCPA

Chris RoushChris’ does TalkingBiz News blog. Asks who blogs in the newsroom. 2 types of blogs – portals and aggregators as one and opinion blogs as the other. “You have to offer the reader something new and not in the newspaper already” He loves the NandR Bizbuzz blog. Filling in beyond the news hole. A bit about Branding and the power of journalists at a branded newspaper blog. What tech do you use? He isn’t using a computer for his talk. The beauty of the blog is the simplicity. He’s only critic comment is no images — but he’s not right. He blogs at least one entry per day. 100o readers per day. Editing? Who edits it? Only one paperperson here edits blogs. He pitches for editing to avoid slander and libel etc as well as better clearer writing. He himself uses a grad student to edit his own posts [for content or for copy? – pj]. End of objectivism as opinion enters blogs? Is the the same as having a reporter be a columnist? What if a journalist is writing a story and using email to a source and then the source posts the ?s and responses on the web (in a blog). He talks about the Business Week case that’s on Chris’ blog. How do you manage your sources in this environment? Since so many of us are blogging what happens? [I do this of course — see several posts here – pj]. I wish I had he handout that Chris has given out. He’s talking about the place of opinion on blogs. He asks Elliot (a publisher) about his blog. E says he writes about a reporter conversation on his own blog (like the Business Week instance). Need to bring up Dan Gilmor. E says the everyday posting is important. Chris talks about paying bloggers. A bit about revenue streams.

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  1. Chris Roush and Paul Jones (I think it was the Real one) were engaging presenters today at the NCPA program. Time was short, however, so there was little opportunity to scratch beneath the surface of all the issues related to newspaper-based blogs.

    I’m a little surprised that more newspaper execs aren’t using blogs to stay in touch with readers. It’s a great way to explain decisions and promote content — and, for me, just do a few things I don’t ordinarily do.

    As Chris suggested, you need to be committed to regular updates. I had not updated my blog on the site since Feb. 14, so I was feeling pretty guilty. I made an entry as soon as I got back in the office.

    Thanks to Paul and Chris for sharing their expertise and enthusiasm — and providing a bit of inspiration.

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