Al enters and begins a monologue about UNC as national champs, panders (self-admitted) to us by bashing Duke (his daughter went there for one year), a bit about UNC grad Paul Wellstone. How is he different from Rush? (much laughter). Where does Rush get his facts (hint: most of us sit on this source)?
quotes, etc:
Rot at the top can be mulch for the grassroots
To appear Barry Saunders, Joel Schwartz, Larry Grossberg, Mike Nelson, Mark Kleinschmidt and …
Coach K dissed as a Republican and for his tacky American Express adverts
A bit about the origin of the term Tar Heel (sorry not get that part entirely)
Bashing Bolton. How he tried to give a talk to Heritage about bio-weapons in Cuba. He was stopped by Westerman who said no there aren’t. Bolton tried to then get Westerman fired by Asst Secretary for Intelligence and Research Ford (at State Department) who refused. Play Ford’s testimony about how Bolton abused authority regularly. Now plays a tape of Bolton speaking about how the US should run the UN or do nothing with them.
“Kiss up and kick down.” quotes from Ford on Bolton.
Britney Spears/Bolton jokes ensue.
2 year moratorium on death penalty proposed in NC. Talk on that.

See also Sally’s blog for her better typing and more coherent sentences.
Oy! Oy! Oy! Show. Many Jewish jokes and appearance of Jerry Meek head of the NC Democratic Party. Grassroots vs Demo machine tale told. Jerry agrees with ideology of both but wants door to door conversations by the Democrats. Becoming oil-free in 10 years. How could we not go for renewable resources after 9/11?
Now about making the Demo Party responsive to the people instead of the good-ole-boys. Dean-like.
Dissing on Newt Gingrich. And on to Tom Delay. Call your Republican congressman twice. Once to say get rid of Delay. Once to keep him.

Franken’s own blog entries and comments.

Barry Saunders up next. Hat talk. Barry is a fedora wearer. Fred Phelps of Kansas who hates gays and is coming to Durham to picket the School of the Arts High School where the Laramie Project is being produced. Phelps is the GodHatesGays guy. His hate cult will visit Duke, local churches and the high school. Phelps folks are celebrating the Pope’s second week in hell (in case hating gays are not enough).
Phelps was at the Shepherd funeral with GodHatesFags signs. Phelps is a character in the play. Barry has interviewed Phelps. Franken has been picketed by the Phelps cult.
Carrying condoms does not get you sex. Barry carried a condum for six years and never got any. This in context of Wake County School Board’s fear of any sex ed. Especially of condums.
Barry’s column on American Idol asking Reuben to lose weight got him tons of hate mail calling him names he’d never been called before — like whitey, like red-neck, like N–hater. One letter told him that he must have it in for big, black men. Seeing Barry makes this much funnier. His book: Do Unto Others Then Run. Barry looks much slimmer on the cover than on the radio.

Next up Mark Kleinschmidt. and Mike Nelson, Mayor of Carrboro. Mike from the phone. Carrboro has a lesbian police chief and a gay mayor. Mark is the second gay council person in Chapel Hill. Now a bit about the repeal of the defense of marriage act. Now the tale of the Called2Action packing of the Council with an anti-gay crowd. Mark describes how all kinds of people actually from Chapel Hill defended Mark’s position. The Council voted unanimously to support Mark’s proposal.

Mark on the Death penalty. Mark is a death penalty lawyer. Mark has strong hopes and belief that the death penalty moratorium will pass in NC.

Talk of Mary Matlin’s Simon and Schuster imprint Threshold. A bit about Mary Cheney as described by Matlin. Matlin says that she hasn’t read Al’s books, but that Al’s books are useless. Al wonders how both statements could be true or if she is lying!

Larry Grossberg up next.

Larry’s book: Caught in the Crossfire: Kids, Politics and America’s Future

Larry says that the Right demonizes kids saying that the kids are worst than ever. Even Rolling Stone. But the statistics don’t say so. Kids are less criminal. Use less illegal drugs. Are getting pregnant less often. And in general are better than say in the 80s.

Kids are safer in school than anywhere else in Amercia. You have a greater chance of being hit by lightning than suffering violence in a public school.

Discussion of child-poverty rate. which is very high in the US compared to Europe say. A bit about drugging kids with prescription drugs.

Why are we treating kids so badly? (see larry’s book)

We are in the midst of a fundamental struggle about the kind of America we want our children to live in. Under attack: public schools, juvenile courts, children’s place as our relationship to the future.

Next more Larry?

[found WillR blogging live on] and doing a great job.

Yes more Larry. He was just warming up. Dissing on Revelation about a nun and a cop. Apocalyptic visions seen as a end of the future. Larry discusses Virgina Postrel’s Future and its enemies. Two kinds of people: Those who think the present can act to form the future. Those who would just let things happen in the present since you cannot plan a future. She says she belongs to the last. Larry (and the Unibomber according to Postrel) belong to the first.

Larry is just getting wound up when he’s called for time. We need 50 minute academic talk radio!

No matter Larry is explaining things art length and with many hand motions to WCHL owner Jim Heffner.

Talking basketball next. What else? Start with NCAA theme from CBS. Had to get an expert from Cambridge, Thad Williamson (but he is a native Chapel Hellian). Author of More than a Game: Why North Carolina Basketball Means So Much to So Many.

Book written before Matt Dougherty’s seasons. Now a lot about Williams and his history with UNC. Now a bit about Dean Smith. Especially about how Dean treated everyone and how he has been living his life. Now about players leaving school early. Including Michael Jordan.

Franken says he did air work with MJ and it worked out fine. (air joke). Al gave the Espies Award. He tells joke on himself. About how his joke which was ironic wasn’t taken so well.

Now McCants announced that he will go pro early — like this year. Hoots for Sean May.

Next up Joel Schwartz about Paul Wellstone.

Wellstone was Schwartz’s first graduate student. Telling a story about Paul and himself at Berkeley where they shared a two bedroom appartment (a total of 8 people in both families). His last call to Wellstone was PW saying that he would vote against the resolution to give the President war powers that belong to Congress