A is for Aerotropolis — or at least that newish word is the first entry in this year’s Ideas edition of the New York Times Magazine. UNC’s John Karsarda big idea (as well described here in a recent Fast Company article) that airports are the future of cities. Desirable and economic engines of the future that should be the center of our development; not noisy dangerous annoyances best placed on the distance edges and treated like a warehouse district.

As described here earlier, Adam Galinsky gets well deserved credit for discovering a secret of auction success – starting low price leads to selling at a high price in the same issue of the Magazine under the title (the titles are in alphabetical order) “Low Starting Prices Lead to High Auction Sales”.

Overall a great collection of ideas and a good read.

Jaron Lanier crabs about mobocracy in wikipedia calling it an example of Digital Maoism and warning about collectivism in the market place of ideas — no Hayakian, he.