Robin Dunbar proposed and some say proved that there is a physical limit to the number of individuals with whom any single person can have a stable relationship.

That number is 150 (actually 147.8). But wait there’s more.

Looking at behavior of chimps, Dumbar noticed that the “chimps belong to social groups comprising about 50 individuals, but they have only two or three grooming partners.”

Then using the same neocortex measurements and ratios on humans, Dunbar calculated the magic numbers for humans.

“The results were… ~150 for social group size, and ~12 for the more intimate clique size” [or grooming size].

So much for Top 8.

Can online social networks extend the monkeysphere in the same way writing as expanded memory?

That is, do online networks allow an individual to manage and groom relationships of a greater order?

How is this accomplished?