Sure you can only get WCOM-LPFM‘s signal within about 5 – 10 miles of their tower in Southern Village, but they are a great little community effort in the great community of Carrboro. Just look at the studio; it’s like the one on Northern Exposure looking back at you as you drive by.

They do a very local news show from 6 – 6:30 called the West End Report. On this Tuesday, I’ll be reading some poems and talking with Joy Javits and Chris Frank. You can be one of the six people to hear it if you tune in to 1360 at that time.

And to the point of craft, I’ll read some of the strongly formally driven poems that I’ve snuck into the News and Observer over the past few years. Each with seven stanzas of seven lines. Each line made up of seven syllables. Other tricks have been taken from the hexaemeron of Thomas Traherne (17th century English religious poet) and from the cywydd of Dafydd ap Gwilym (14th century Welsh bard). Other top secret DaVinci-isms within each poem.