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Podcasting properties

Just talking with Ryan Thornburg and Deb Aikat at Weaver Street about the properties of podcasting. I proposed an initial three properties:

  1. Location independence
  2. Time-shifting
  3. Narrow-casting
  4. and would add

  5. Personalized subscriptions
  6. Nearly seamlessly automated transfer to the listening device

Others? or corrections? Just getting started.


  1. Yvonne, iPod maven that she is, told me about a whitepaper on podcasting & vodcasting, from the Missouri School of Journalism:

    From just a quick skim, it seems to be part How To, part What Do I Do With It & Who Cares, part technical reqs, part implications for teaching.

  2. 6. Cool sounding name that piggybacks on a couple of already wildly successful technologies

    With the exception of number 5, how are the essentials of podcasting any different from, say, the essentials of any sort of syndication? It seems like all of these have been figured out already with RSS, Atom, etc., with the only differences being format (mp3 v. html) and the app your podcast app has to interface with (iTunes v. Firefox/Safari)

    I like podcasting as much as the next geek — it’s the only way I get to listen to “On the Media” every week. I’m not sure I see much that’s all that revolutionary, though; enclosure tags have been a part of RSS for years. I even use the same app for podcasts as I do for other feeds, namely Net News Wire.

    I’m glad it has a cool name, though. I have a hard enough time explaining RSS…

  3. It seems the list you have so far covers the downloading part of Podcasting. (aka Podcatching) This is the consuming part of this two way medium. The other half of Podcasting needs to be thought about. How about:
    6. The ability to share media you’ve created

    Jim – It’s true that the parts that make podcasting are not new. One of the revolutionary aspects of podcasting is the creative reuse of existing tech. By finding new uses for software & hardware we use it more efficiently, expand it’s power, and increase it’s value.

    Also software like iPodder automates the download and syncing of your MP3s with an iPod. That’s a brand new part.

    Here are my tutorials on Podcasting.

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