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Talking Back to the News

Journalists (and I am one at least in title) sometimes fear that their subjects can respond. Naked Conversations by Shel Israel & Robert Scoble is/are all about that. As you may have noticed, I regularly post about interviews I give here. Glyn Moody is a little excited though about my merely threatening (his word) to post my memory of what I told him in an interview the Linux Weekly News.
Fear Not Glyn! News is a conversation and we’re all better for it. My interview with you was a conversation and the postings are a way to widen the discussion beyond the time we had to talk, beyond the space available, and beyond just the two of us. Heck, you can even follow up on things that you wish you would have asked for example.
Chris Roush and I have had earlier conversations on this same subject. This is an ongoing subject on Chris’ blog.


  1. As I said in my comment to your comment, I don’t have a problem with it, it’s just a novel experience for me.

  2. Paul

    3/23/2006 at 5:17 pm

    At least I didn’t scoop you; I only published a teaser ;-> I forgot to ask when the story would be up. Could you tell me?

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