The UNC Journalism and Mass Communication School produced The Ancient Way (hosted by was named top in their category for the Horizon Interactive Awards. Gabriel Dance, who worked with, was in Galacia working on the project last summer and contributed to the project as did my collegues Rich Beckman, Pat Davidson, Alberto Cairo and Laura Ruel.

The judges said:

[G]reat use of video, photography, audio and a website. This site is more than an online magazine or news site… it is an experience. Visually it is well done. the navigation is simple and clean. The content speaks for itself.

We seem to be covering Spain pretty well. Galacia is in the Northwest of Iberia. I’ll be in the South next week in Granada. Just finished reading Washington Irving’s Alhambra and just received Ornament of the World from the conference organizers and have begun the Conquest of Granada also by Irving.