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October 31 – Paul Jones speaks to news room at News and Observer (internal only sorry) about news as conversation and citizen involvement in political and investigative reporting.

November 9 – As part of the Office of Technology Development’s Carolina Innovations Seminars, Paul Jones be speaking on “Open Source Licensing: The Basics, The Benefits, The Buzz” on November 9 from 5:15 to 6:15 in 014 Sitterson Hall.

In the spirit of Openness, please dear readers and potential attendees, use the comments here to let me know any specific questions or areas that you’d like to see covered. I don’t want to talk endlessly on the differences between GPL 2 and 3, for example, unless someone cares, but then if someone does I want to be sure to be prepared and to do a good job.

Readings and postings here.

November 13Dan Gillmor, author of We the Media and director of the Center for Citizen Media will speak at 4 in the Pleasants Family Room of Wilson Library

December 8ibiblio at NCREN Community Day

January 20North Carolina Science Blogging Conference


  1. I hope you mention to N&O writers that citing blogs if they are used for quoted source material or research is a good idea. A nice way to make friends and keep fans. 🙂 Plus linking to sites would be cool too.

  2. Paul

    11/1/2006 at 11:46 am

    Don’t fear.I mentioned that several times. In fact, I think they may have gotten tired of hearing me say that ;->
    And seriously a quote from source or even another paper should be cited; bloggers deserve at least that kind of respect.
    The recent quote by Jim Brady of the Washington Post (in Editor and Publisher) helped drive the point home from another angle:

    Brady also said his site has drawn traffic by posting links to bloggers who have commented on individual stories. Those links, he said, spark return links. “Bloggers can drive 100,000 page views to us if the link to us.”

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