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GURU PURNIMA Message given by Pujya Shree Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj on 13th July 2003




Namaha Shree Gurudevaye Namaha


13th July, 2003

GURU - the eternal guide

URGES for our spiritual salvation

RESTRAINT in all dynamics is the main teaching of Guru

UTTERANCE of Ram Naam beneath the umbrella of Guru is the path and the goal for sadhak

Guru-the Master, Spiritual supreme for the mortal. Guru is the celestial link of this world and the other. Guru defines spiritualism, paves the path for elevation and purification. Guru masters the eternal knowledge and disseminates information, which is a benefactor to the society. Guru through his tapa and sadhana unveils the riddle of 'Unknown' and helps others through the process and manifestation which is unfathomable by ordinary human beings. Guru reaches out to those, who are celestially ordained to get shelter and due for a spiritual elevation. Meeting of Guru and Shishya is no ordinary happening rather this is actually blessed by Shri Ram only. Guru then handles the spiritual vision and fathoms the life and times of shishya. Guru then unleashes many a happenings and employs tools or many modes be it bliss, pain and agony or mortal fulfillment. But beneath these there lies the deep undercurrent of purifying the life of the sadhak. While a shishya reels under the karmic chakra, Guru also faces the inner turmoil for the sadhak. Hypersensitive Guru, takes upon himself the suffering of others, without letting others know about it. No body can see the moisture in the eyes of Guru when the sadhak suffers; again none can see the silent blissful smile when the sadhak advances towards the spiritual elevation. Guru wonders in various space and time and his words are not to be taken lightly and he speaks whatever is to be spoken by the Supreme. These ordains can be through pravachan, inter-personal conversation, or received in conscious, semi-conscious state of meditation and in  the dream world where one is seldom linked with super-consciousness. Guru warns, guides and predict to help others provided the shishya remains pure and perfect to receive the correct guidance. No body can be far off from Guru, no matter sadhak sees him often or not! Guru consumes all the poisons of his shishya yet he remains eternal neelkantha. Sadhak should have the greatest order of faith and shraddha and never to nurture doubt about Guru or Shri Ram! Doubtlessness is the state of eternal fulfillment where Guru resides and Shri Ram is just a JAPA away.


Urge-the eternal wish to meet the almighty is the spiritual foundation of Guru Purnima. For a sadhak Guru is the 'Wish fulfilling Tree', under which, mortal problems are taken care of and spiritual elevation is destined. Nevertheless, it should be clearly understood that Guru is no 'Iccha-vriksha' for materialistic urges! However, the inner urge and pure perseverance for mortal cruising (requirements of bare necessities of life) and spiritual attainments remain the cornerstone of life for a sadhak. The spiritual urge is an eternal process and cannot be demonstrated by flocking around Guru with Namaskar gesture. Rather Guru can fathom the 'urge' involuntarily and bless the soul to navigate further. Physical proximity to guru-sthana or guru-drvaya would never allow any body to score over others in spiritual race. Because spiritual cultivation is singular and self manifesting in approach and practice. And is incomparable with any other person in the macro or micro society. Moreover, at the spiritual level there is no society and social status and Sadhak-Guru-Shri Ram are the only eternal truth which finally matters. Thus pure, unattached-urge makes a sadhak cruise ahead without the burden of ritual and dogmas but with pure bhakti, which is seen by Guru through his third eye. And Guru can see that whatever he is allowed to know by Shri Ram, meaning Guru is the sutradhar of Shri Ram. So, the urge for spiritual aspirations both at the level of Guru and Shishya remain a blissful affair, which all can encounter by culturing a state of mind called non-selfish, meterialistically unattached para-bhakti for Shri Ram. Thus Urge for meeting Shri Ram and going beyond the rim of birth and death which is the basis of Guru Shishya tradition that is celebrated on Guru Purnima.


Restraint is the catch-word which Guru teaches all the time. Curtailing our sense oriented hunger, restraining action in terms of words and physical action is a matter of cultivation at the spiritual level and Guru facilitates for elevation with his immense blessings. At the behavioural plain a sadhak would engage in activities which are life fulfilling. Bur for spiritual navigation, one has to have a restrained life meaning the hunger of senses and pleasure and worldly cravings should diminish slowly without undermining one's duty this remains the fundamental order of Swami Satyanandji Maharaj. The restrained life means restraining vac or words which should not hurt anybody no matter one is hurt or not. There should not be any action which indulges in self-pleasure yet hurts others. Then comes restrain in though process meaning 'wish' list be minimized. Even ill thinking can be dangerous for others and self. So Guru teaches an all-dynamic Restraint in mortal endeavour and this restraint is a celestial indicator to take a U turns towards spiritual life and beyond. Thus Guru's words revolve around a phenomenon called 'RESTRAINT' which is in another way assures a spiritual journey without hiccups. Restraint can be achieved with utter faith in the words and life style of Master. Guru is always watching you, so build your character with the statement called restraint to move ahead smoothly. Shistachar or Conduct with non-injurious feelings for others remains a matter of learning for all who aspire for Guru's blessings and Shri Ram's bliss. Thus restraint remains a matter of constant remembrance for all the sadhak while journeying through the tradition of Guru Shishya Parampara.


 Utterance. of Ram Naam is the eternal urge of Guru. Japa is the eternal mode of spiritual sailing to the other world. Naam Jaap when uttered with purity of mind it at the first level cleanses the conscience at the ethical level. The value system comes to the fore with this sacred utterance. Japa builds up a character, which is a pre-requisite for the spiritual navigation. Then the utterance gets studded and filled in the whole body that resounds within body without even the process of utterance. Utterance of Ram Naam swings through sound and silence; the process of unuttered and uttered dynamics of Naam chanting continues involuntarily. Once our body is seasoned with sound frequency of all the levels, then within our inner self appears the light of unknown vision where colours of varied hues dislodge our given knowledge system about colours and avenues to a newer horizon where sound merges with light of fascinating dimensions. Thus with utterance our journey starts and takes us to the other world. But all these are possible with only 'Guru Kripa'. Thus Guru urges to a sadhak to utter the name of Shri Ram without any pre-conditions. The pure celestial attachment to the God's name remains the essential tool without which none can strive ahead for emancipation. Thus utterance of Ram Naam with pure innocence and passionate attachment for the Supreme clears the cross-road dilemma of inner self and paves the path for salvation.


As understood sitting beneath the lotus feet of Swamiji Satyanandji Maharaj --

O Gurudev at thy feet ---- Dr. Gautam Chatterjee 



GURU PURNIMA (2003) Message given by 

Pujya Shree Dr. Vishwamitter Ji Maharaj



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