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Book Released (BILINGUAL - In Hindi and English) :  JADUI RAM MAGIC of RAM NAAM Spiritual Revolution and Revelations in Tribal Jhabua

  • Chapter 1 A Celecstial Order Jhabua...

  • Chapter 2 Jhabua - An Administrative Overview...

  • Chapter 3 Experiencing Magical Ram...

  • Chapter 4 Divine Revelations - Divya Anubhuti...

  • Thus Speaks Maharishi Dr. Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj...

    245 Pages, Price Rs. 45/-


Dr. Gautam Chatterjee



by Dr. Gautam Chatterjee, Translated by Shabnam Pardal

Kullu - Manali The Abode of God Dr. Gautam Chatterjee  
Sadhak Ki Abhivyaktiyna Karan Kumar, USA
Ram Naam and Recession 
Dr. Gautam Chatterjee
With Trust & Shraddha Get Connected With Guru Dr. Gautam Chatterjee
"Mandir Se Pare Hain Unke Ram Shri Alok Dainik Bhaskar, 18th January, 2004 Sunday
GURU PURNIMA CELEBRATED - DAWN OF A NEW CONCEPT Dr. Gautam Chatterjee 13th July 2003
The Power of Name Dr. Gautam Chatterjee "U CAN CHANGE THE WORLD" Vol. 1 No. 7 May 2003
Sydney warms to a mesmerizing devotion   Ms. Asha Chand
Trust Answers by Shree Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj "U CAN CHANGE THE WORLD" Vol. II March 2003
Who Am I Answers by Shree Vishwa Mitter Ji Maharaj "U CAN CHANGE THE WORLD" Vol. I, No. 4 Feb 2003
About - Shree Ram Sharnam, Jhabua    Shri Shailesh
"A mantra can make the impossible possible" Dr. Gautam Chatterjee Discover India, Jan. 2001
Ram Naam Reforming 'Criminal' Minds of Jhabua Bhils   Dr. Gautam Chatterjee
Ram Naam Japa - In Search of Acoustic Silence!   Dr. Gautam Chatterjee
Sadhna Satsang --- A Pilgrimage with my Guru  Dr. Gautam Chatterjee
The Celestial Sound of Ram Naam


Dr. Gautam Chatterjee Discover India, Sep.1999

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