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Dr. Gautam Chatterjee


Economic melt down, sensex crash, lay-off and all kind of uncertainties are in the air as RECESSION is looming large over the world especially in US and Europe. The Challenges of recession are so grave that even our sacred ‘Trust’ is getting diminished at this juncture. Even Ram Naam Sadhak-families are reeling under “Recession in Ram Naam”. And as a scared lot everyone wants a piece of advice from “Maharaj ji”  for some kind of solutions, at least a knee jerk response of divine kind.

Dr. Vishwa Mitterji Maharaj ji will be visiting States in May and everyone will be seeking his “Shree Darshan” and hear from his “Shree Mukh”. Mortal questions will prevail upon the spiritual quest as we are mortals, after all. Maharajji is carrying the most valuable anti-dote of Recession “pure and Ultimate faith, Shraddha in Ram and HIS NAAM” which will descend on as “RAM Kripa” provided the “patra or the receiving bowl” is clean and properly  up kept to accumulate the celestial raining of Ram Naam. This article is the Suomoto precursor for the mental preparedness of Ram Naam Sadhaks. Sadhaks in Delhi, do flock around Maharajji to get solutions and blessings for, prosperity, removal of pain, diseases, yet sordidly they drag Maharajji to their mundane “Man made” complexities. Lesser people have spiritual quest as mortal and materialistic questions dominate. The heat of “recession” is also engulfing people here, so the traffic of Sadhaks to “give darshan” (and surely not to have darshan) is increasing enormously. They think with “Magic Wand” Maharajji will spring surprise solutions for them. But we tend to forget how those solutions are a matter of grave absorption of negative Karma of sufferer-sadhaks for “Maharajji” who takes away the pain and through the process of purification and he destroys his ownself so that people can get some relief and respite. Here I want to ask –Is our problem more important than Maharajji? Are we asking too much for our sake at the cost of his spiritual and Mortal health ? Just think and internalize ! But I can assure you that Maharajji never turns a blind eye to any one as he eternally surveys all, through the 64 angles (Esha Kon or disha) of scanning the space in any given time to oversee our progess and remove our pain. But he wonders, when Swamiji Maharaj had clearly stated, which was proven with time, that all the key of the solution lies within the dynamic and most powerful “Ram Naam” then why people look for mortal counseling as the greatest adviser “Ram” is seated within us in an unawakened state waiting only to be awakened with complete shraddha and ultimate surrender to HIM.

Yet I feel Maharajji understands the “Socio-Economic” dilemma as he prays for all and this he is doing, the divine contemplation, after emphatic understanding and analyzing the ongoings of “heat of recession” which is yet to form a demonic shape when crash will happen more prominently, socio culturally, apart from economic nose down. But, it’s not that scary if one has complete astha and faith in Raam Naam! Because of through Ram Naam one can distinguish between Real and “Unreal” and Param Guru gives the wisdom of disillusionment.

Depression of Socio-economic kind is surely knocking at our doors, but for Ram Naam Sadhak this is another time, to burn the Karma, douse the ever expanding “wish-lamp”! It is perhaps easy to say than to face the impending sordid situations! However, I want to take you to the memory of Jhabua and then Ujjain Jail, where hardened criminals who faced death sentences and in “solitary confinements” (once the judgment was pronounced) they experienced the “point of no Return” and “Blind Ally all around” but I have seen them “escaping”  gallows with only one thing” EXTREME MOST SHRADDHA IN RAM NAAM!. Many Life-Termers got pardon as their inner mind almost got the status of Saint and outer-self saw the sea change as piousness prevailed. A life termer was released and blessed to be the caretaker of Shree Ram Sharanam in Madhya Pradesh. These are epitomes of Ram Kripa. Hundreds of hardened criminals could successfully combat the “worst situation” as they believed Maharajji and surrendered everything tann, mann, dhyan, dharana to Ram! These are the functional catch words that mended their lives and can become our inspiration to learn and unlearn.

Swamiji Maharaj, placed “Ram” atop above all mortals so Shri Ram is Param Guru! Imbibing the spirit of Param Guru and constantly remembering the words of Guru and Raam Naam are “Maha Aushadhi”. In the situation of “crisis” most wonderful thing can be discovered, this has been part of our civilization’s memory. In the onslaught of recession, we tend to get depressed, frustrated and experience an all time low! These are symptoms of ailment which need to be understood in perspective, if we toil for “santushti” and try to accept the “givens” and do not get driven by the greed of cravings, then the impacts of recession will be less! However, before we handle recession, we need to understand its ailments, its symptoms in originality before we treat it. Symptoms of recession are thus peeled off.

Reeling under Socio-economic uncertainties are first sign of Recession.
Economic slump and debt management become chaotic.
Confidence level touches all time low.
Emotional fragmentation rules the life style.
Social security becomes uncertain.
Social behavior tends towards aberration.
Instant non-Calculative decisions add to the woes.
Openings shrink and we feel that we are approaching dead ends.
Negativism or Tamas tattwa prevails in dynamic fashion.

These are some of the broad symptoms of Recession and is taking lives of people as suicides are mounting high all over the world. But Ram Naam sadhaks are different and can handle grave situations with ultimate SHRADDHA IN RAM NAAM. Let us define the concept which is the anti-dote of recession!

Sat Guru and Param Guru Ram is surely seated within us.
Holiest of Holy word is “Ram” that can dispel all the darkness.
Ram is epitome of Shraddha that navigates the life of a devont.
Awakening of “RAM” within is the cosmic soul empowerment that remains the mission.
Devilish life style or its impact runs into “Auto correction mode” with Naam Jaap and Param Guru.
Dearest Dear is Ram, He is sakha and embodiment of MAA.
Hindrances of life get diminished once we do complete surrender to Guru and Ram Naam.
Assurance from Ram unfolds automatically once we fill our body and mind with Ram Naam.

Inner confidence to perform and discharge one’s duty comes to the  fore with Ram Naam.
Nothingness or void will not bother if we believe that Param Guru Ram is our final destiny.

Ramamayeness is a state of elevated soul, which descends upon all with trust.
Altering negatives is possible when we increase velocity of Ram Naam Jaap.
Minimising the “craving” is possible when we know that there is one truth Ram and rest is Maya.

Naam Jaap is a “purifier” that counters and curtails one’s greed and desires.
Avenues anew from “point of no return” are opened by Param Guru Ram.
Attending to duties are eased out when Bhavmaye Ram Jaap continues within
Materialism melts; amassing wealth beyond proportion dies and spiritual sattvik tattwa comes to the fore.

Thus we find, Shraddha in Ram Naam alters our situations, purifies our mind and life style. Aberrations and negative tendencies are countered. The Basic Realization of “Ram” within gives inspiration and confidence to face any challenging situation. Now if with deepest Shraddha we re-look at recession then perhaps we can get better empowered. Now Recession will be looked through the periscope of Shraddha in Ram Naam.

Recycle your talent, discover your inner potential and uptapped talents to recharge your mindset.
Economic Management to fulfill basics of life becomes practical when we douse our “wish lamp”.  
Chain of “debt” must be broken and single pocket pay back solutions be worked out.
Educational updates for new opportunities must be enlarged.
Social bond amongst RAM NAAM SADHAK must be reinvented and revitalized.
Sharing “Crisis Management” expertise must be the catch word for Swamiji Maharaj’s Family.
I can do and I do have an alternate opportunity” must be the constant call to the self.
Opinions and predictions sound more negative than real as even in darkness we can still see.
No night will be forever: as dawn and neo light is bound to come after a short while.

Thus with deep Shraddha towards Param Guru and reverence like “Absolute Truth” for the utterance of Maharajji, we can change our situation.

Crisis provides an opportunity  for innovation. So I have invented an idea. Think of a group of Ram Naam Sadhak Professionals, consisting of an Academician, Tax consultant; Software expert; Motivator; Debt Manager, Psychologist; Social counselor and Trouble shooter, Lawyers come together to advise other members of Swamiji Maharaj’s family then many crisis can be easily countered without being taxing to the Sadhaks who are in problem. This idea is an extension of “praying” for others which Swamiji Maharaj had taught us. Because praying for each other allows quicker remedy in Ram Durbar.

In the process of prayers, Naam Jaap and Ramamayeness, no sadhak should undermine Guru and Guru Kripa because Param Guru Ram visions through the eyes of “Maharajji” and speaks through him to guide us till our journery to Vaikumtha. Thus to face the challenges of Recession one must delve deep to get smeared with Guru Kripa. Let us try to reunderstand Guru Kripa and then, for sure, no Recession can really unnerve us.

Glorious grace of Param Guru emits through Guru’s body, mind, words and soul.
Ultimate of Reality is hidden beneath the utterance of Guru Vachan.
Rhythm of silence and melody of Ram Naam echo through Guru in immeasurable terms.
Umbrella is “Guru” who shelters all as “Maha–Bodhi Tree”:. -- the seat of enlightenment.

Karma gets mended and soul scales elevation as “Guru Drishty” befalls on us.  
Recession does sound Tsunami, but Guru is the celestial buoy who would surely ferry us to safety.  
Inking spiritual empowerment is his forte. So have complete faith in him.  
Peace or Param Shanti he bestows on all who reels under mortal restlessness and face calamities.  
Assurance of resurgence of celestial kind comes only from Guru and Guru only.

My last word for the now, is that no matter how much be the tide of Recession there should not be any Recession in Ram Naam! RAM RAM


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